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Talking Heads – Academic Book Collection

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Talking Heads – Academic Book Collection Call for Papers

Talking Heads have proved to be one of the most influential of any of the groups associated with the punk and new wave scene that flourished in New York in the mid-1970s. They released a number of epoch-defining albums (Talking Heads 77, Fear of Music, Remain in Light, Little Creatures); they spawned influential and successful offshoots- David Byrne’s collaboration with Brian Eno on My Life in the Bush of Ghosts; Tom Tom Club (Tina Weymouth’s and Chris Frantz’s side project); and their forays into other media (music video; the concert film Stop Making Sense; and the feature film True Stories) were, for the most part, both critically and commercially successful. After the band’s dissolution, the band members, David Byrne in particular, have continued to produce music and to work in a variety of different cultural areas.

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Call for Presentations, Popular Music Books in Process Series, April 2022

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Since early in the COVID-19 crisis, Popular Music Books in Process has curated online events, usually weekly, for music writers and scholars to showcase new and recent books or works in progress for an engaged and interactive audience. The series is a collaboration between the Journal of Popular Music Studies, the Pop Conference, and IASPM-US. There have been 65 events so far, all preserved on YouTube.

Though the pandemic context has shifted, we believe this series still has a role to play, providing an accessible ongoing exchange inside music-writing communities and beyond. However, we are moving from a weekly to an every-second-week format, plus breathers to recharge between “seasons.” We’ll continue to feature single, paired, or grouped speakers. Unfortunately, with fewer events, our selection process will be tighter. But we hope this new format—along with our newly expanded organizing team—will help keep the series sustainable into the future.

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Music as a profession: status, careers and organizations (18th-20th centuries)

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Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas (CAN – Colégio Almada Negreiros
30 June. 1 July 2022

PROFMUS project – To be a musician in Portugal: the social and professional condition of musicians in Lisbon (1750-1985)

Élodie Oriol (École Française de Rome, Italia)
Martin Cloonan (Director of the Turku Institute for Advanced Studies (TIAS), University of Turku, Finland)

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Aging, Time, and Popular Music

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Special Issue Editors:
Abigail Gardner, Richard Elliott, Line Grenier

IASPM Journal is the peer-reviewed open-access e-journal of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music (IASPM). As part of an international network, the journal aims to publish research and analysis in the field of popular music studies at both global and local levels.

This themed issue of IASPM Journal seeks to explore what aging might be/mean for popular music studies. Aging has not been addressed much across popular music studies, although significant contributions have emerged in relation to aging audiences (Bennett and Hodkinson 2012; Bennett 2013), nostalgia and revival (Driessen 2019), memory and music (Grenier and Valois-Nadeau 2020; Cohen, Grenier and Jennings 2022), the aging and ‘late’ voice (Elliott 2015, 2019), heritage culture (Roberts and Cohen 2014), and feminist interventions on representation across popular music (Gardner and Jennings 2020; Gardner 2020). We encourage contributions that speak to aging fans and fandoms, representation, performance and production from popular music studies, musicology, sociology, cultural studies, queer theory and, of course, from aging studies.

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Opening Up: Reconnecting, Remixing, Remastering 

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IASPM-ANZ 2022 Conference: Call for Papers

Conference Dates: Wednesday 7th – Friday 9th December 2022  

Venue: RMIT University City Campus, Latrobe St Melbourne and online

Organising Committee: Catherine Strong, Shelley Brunt, Ian Rogers, Tami Gadir, Sebastian Diaz-Gasca, Olivia Guntarik 

We are pleased to announce the call for papers for the 2022 IASPM-ANZ conference, to be held at the City Campus of RMIT University.

There will also be options for online presentations for members who cannot attend in person.

The theme of this year’s conference is ‘Opening Up: Reconnecting, Remixing, Remastering’. The last two years have seen a complete upheaval to the music world that we study, and to our own lives as educators in this field. As we restart, we invite papers that consider any aspects of how popular music and popular music studies have responded to a changed world, including examinations of what might not have changed. Questions that might be considered include: 

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