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‘This is the Modern World’ – For a Social History of Rock Music

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International Conference
University Charles-de-Gaulle Lille 3 (Lille, France)
13th -15th June 2013
In Anglo-American countries, the history of rock music has been institutionalized since the 1970s, notably in musicology and cultural studies departments. In France, on the contrary, it has been considered, until recently, as a rather minor subject, abandoned to journalists and amateurs. Although French musicologists, sociologists and specialists of British and American literatures and civilizations did produce a large amount of work on popular music, French historians encountered rock and roll mostly by chance, while working on the history of youth or the history of the record industry. Bertrand Lemonnier’s pioneering work (L’Angleterre des Beatles. Une histoire culturelle des années soixante, Seuil, 1995) remained for a long time an exception. Things are beginning to change : Thesis and master’s papers on the history of rock music are being defended, and history departments are more and more interested in these questions.

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IASPM Journal: Special Issue on Popular Music Performance

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Call for papers
Submission deadline: 1 March 2013

Music performance forms part of ongoing debate amongst IASPM members, leading to innovative research that addresses mediation and embodiment; spectacle and immersion; technology and music.

IASPM Journal, the Journal of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music, wishes to provide a platform for these debates with a special issue on popular music performance for publication in 2013.

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The 8th Art of Record Production Conference

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July 12th – 14th 2013
Université Laval, Québec

Rewriting The Rules Of Production

The conference panel invites proposals for papers on the following themes:

Creative Practice In The Recording Studio

This stream is concerned with all aspects of creative practice in the studio: performance (e.g. the differences between the concert hall and the studio, new forms of performance activity), engineering and production (e.g. the creative abuse of technology, editing as creative practice), composing (e.g. issues of multiple authorship, the studio as a composing tool), improvising (e.g. the constraints and opportunities associated with improvisation in a controlled environment, improvising and overdubbing),  and also more hybrid forms of creative practice such as what we might call comprovisation, the way that improvisation becomes part of the compositional practice.

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