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Jazz Futures

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ANU’s School of Music, Canberra, Australia
March 13-15, 2024

The School of Music at the Australian National University hosts a three-day conference exploring new and future directions in jazz research, collaboration, education, and performance praxis. With the theme Jazz Futures, we highlight three key themes relevant for examining present and potential transformations within jazz worlds in the twenty first century:

1. Intercultural Jazz: Jazz Fissures and Fusions;
2. Reimaging the Jazz Artist;
3. Jazz in the Digital Age.

Dates: March 13-15, 2024

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Music education among refugee and migrant youths: sharing, belonging, including

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Music and Arts in Action – Thematic Issue

Edited by Alix Didier Sarrouy (Nova University Lisbon) and Chrysi Kyratsou (Queen’s University Belfast)
Submission of abstracts – until October 15th 2023

Forced migration and musical engagement
In the global context of forced exiles, music is a significant artistic resource for promoting education among young migrants and refugees, which encourages the potential for social inclusion (Marsh, 2016; Odena, 2022; O’Neill, 2008). Music educators, and the organisations for which they work, attempt to ensure the efficiency of this resource. The actions and reactions that each musical setting accommodates are versatile, determined by the intersections among migrant populations, host
cultures, caring organisations, and the socio-eco-political contexts within which these actions take place. Bearing this in mind, the pedagogical methods and the particularities of music may become crucial tools for education, inclusion, and citizenship.

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A Century of Sound: Technology, Culture and Performance

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The 8th Global Reggae Conference+ Sound System Outernational #10+ UWI 75th Anniversary

The University of the West Indies, Mona Campus14 – 17th February 2024

From the 1940s to present day, sound systems have rocked the world with word, sound and power. From Kingston’s streets to the world’s biggest festival stages, the Jamaican-born institution of the sound system has deeply influenced the way music is produced, performed, remixed and enjoyed all over the world. The 2024 edition of the Global Reggae Conference celebrates and investigates the culture and technology of Jamaica’s most famous musical instrument.

The triennial Global Reggae Conference extends its reach to engage academics within a wide field of scholastic orientations and practices for its 8th staging. In celebration of the cultural, technological and productive space created by the sound system, both locally and globally, the conference aims to bring together students, scholars, filmmakers, sound producers, researchers, writers, critics, music aficionados, and artists to share research findings, ideas and perspectives.

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SEM Student News 19.2 “Ethnomusicology Now”

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This is the first call for submissions for the Fall/Winter 2023 issue of SEM Student News. We are calling this new issue, vol. 19, no. 2, “Ethnomusicology Now.” We welcome submissions across a range of topics, current student interests, and concerns within ethnomusicology or related academic disciplines.

We are currently accepting submissions for the following categories:

Student articles (c. 500–2000 words) related to any topic within ethnomusicology and neighboring disciplines. Authors are encouraged to submit pieces incorporating a variety of media (written with visual, audio, and/or video components). A highly collaborative process, there will be multiple rounds of editing and feedback prior to publication.
Student photography, artwork, or creative writing (with attendant permissions and appropriately publishable captions, which must be submitted with the images).
Group submissions (c. 500 words per person) around a topic of choice highlighting current student concerns or interests.

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The war of the waves revisited. Cultural and political uses of radio within contexts of domination

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RadioMorphoses thematic issue n°11
Francophone journal dedicated to radio and sound studies

Coordination : Tristan Le Bras (Mondes Américains – EHESS) and Thomas Leyris (IRHIS – Université de Lille).

This thematic issue will gather researchers working on radio in contexts characterized by domination. Although it will especially welcome articles focusing on the uses of radio in colonial settings (Balandier, 1951), in situations characterized by racial domination (Wacquant, 1997) or ethnic domination (Brubaker, 2002), proposals relating to the wider field of domination (social, cultural, gendered, etc.) can be considered. The central question at the basis of this volume will be to analyze the dynamics binding together radio, community and power ; either in aiming to reproduce social hierarchies or to contest it. We would also like to reflect about conceptual divergences depending on the cultural area conducting the research. Although similar processes are scrutinized in diverse radio settings, concepts such as race1, class, nation, gender, etc., are not always mobilized in the same manner. Is it because of structural differences in the field, or differential epistemologies according to different scientific cultures? This volume presents the opportunity for a comparative exercise over this matter.

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Home, Work and Music: Musical Practices in Domestic Spaces

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22 – 23 February 2024
mdw – University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, Fanny Hensel- Hall

What does it mean to make and perform music in the home? Home, Work and Music explores issues and debates centred around music in domestic spaces. It will showcase current research on the empirical, methodological and theoretical implications of centring the domestic in music research.

Domestic spaces are regularly overlooked in scholarly, sectoral and policy discourses, but their significance as entangled sites of music creation and performance, and the issues raised by their visibility are striking and urgent. From basements to bedrooms, domestic settings are key nodal points where personal lives, global digital infrastructures and creative networks meet. Scrutiny of the lived realities of these digitally porous sites affords critical insights into technological
mediations of musicians’ creative labour in the home.

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