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2016 IASPM-ANZ Conference: Isolated Musics, Connected Musics

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7-9 December 2016, CQUniversity Mackay

Music exists within space as social practice. In the past, music traditions have been embedded within geographical place; however increasingly we regard distance and space differently than in the past. How do popular musics interact with space? What does the concept of distance or nearness mean in globally connected or disconnected music cultures? What does the advent of technology for ameliorating distance mean for the concept of distance, eg. urban/country, near/far, amateur/professional.

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Making Time in Music: an international conference

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12–13 September 2016
Faculty of Music, University of Oxford

The capacity to be in time together lies at the heart of all music-making and is one of the most profound of human capabilities; being in time together is implicated in social bonding, altered states, and foundational pleasures associated with music.  The ways  in which we play in time together, also mark out difference—between genres and between instruments (and instrumentalists), between studio and live performance, between the virtuoso and the beginner.

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The Third Annual Westminster-Goldsmiths Symposium for Student Research in Popular Music

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Friday 20 May 2016, 9am-6pm
Chiltern Suite, University of Westminster, Marylebone Campus

Presented by the University of Westminster Centre for Commercial Music and Goldsmiths Popular Music Research Unit

This symposium will bring together student researchers in popular music – broadly construed – from across Britain. It is an opportunity for students to present their developing research to friendly, interested and expert listeners, and to meet and network with future colleagues.

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Musedelica: First symposium on psychedelic music

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The first Musedelica symposium will be held June 14-15th, 2016 at the Sussex Humanities Lab, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK. The symposium will bring together students, early career researchers, independent researchers and music producers from the field of psychedelic music and related areas.

The symposium focusses on psychedelic music, especially (but not limited to) electronic dance music and other fields related to psychedelic drugs and music. Proposals are welcome from researchers in any field; see the list of topics below for more details.

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Researching Music: Interviewing, Ethnography, and Oral History

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Monday 6 June 2016
Senate House, University of London

The Institute of Musical Research, the British Forum for Ethnomusicology, and the UK & Ireland branch of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music invite proposals from researchers interested in participating in a full-day seminar at Senate House, University of London, on Monday 6 June. The seminar will explore recent thinking about methods for researching music, from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, with a particular focus on interviewing, ethnography, oral history, and the relationship between them. Speakers will include Ruth Finnegan, Sara Cohen, Rachel Beckles Willson, Lucy Durán, Simone Krueger, Sue Onslow, and Jaime Jones.

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Metal in Strange Places: Aural, Tactile, Emotional, Visual

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October 20-October 22, 2016
University of Dayton
Dayton, Ohio, USA

In recent years Metal Studies conferences have examined the business of metal, metal’s cultural impact, metal and communal experience, and popular culture and metal, just to name a few. As Metal Studies expands, more and more themes and topics need to be researched by scholars around the world.

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The 5th Inter-Asia Popular Music Studies Conference 2016

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Melbourne (Australia)
Date: 11-12 December 2016, (Sunday-Monday)

Venue: Monash Asia Institute (MAI), Monash University, Caulfield Campus
900 Dandenong Road, Caulfield East, Victoria 3145, Australia (Melway Ref: 68 F1)

* For information on travelling to Caulfield campus (how to get to, parking and map), please visit Monash University Caulfield campus and Google Maps. Getting There will be helpful to travel Melbourne.
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Music, ageing, technology

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Symposium on music research, Joensuu, Finland, 11–13 May 2016

The University of Eastern Finland, the Finnish Society for Ethnomusicology and the project Ageing, Communication, Technologies (ACT) bring together researchers from music studies and various other disciplines in order to discuss music in relation to ageing and technology. The symposium “Music, ageing, technology symposium” will be held in the Joensuu campus of the University of Eastern Finland, 11-13 May 2016.

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KISMIF Conference 2016

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We are pleased to announce the third KISMIF International Conference “Keep It Simple, Make It Fast! (KISMIF) DIY Cultures, Spaces and Places” which will take place in Porto, Portugal, between 18th July and 21st July 2016.

The submission of abstracts for this conference is open to academic researchers working in all areas of sociology, anthropology, history, cultural economics, geography, urban planning, media and cultural studies and cognate disciplines, such as design, illustration, popular music, cinema, visual and performing arts.

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Future Sounds: Meaning and the Future of Popular Music

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Coordinated by The School of Humanities and Social Sciences and the School of Film, Media and Performance

University of Central Lancashire: 16/17 May 2016

Changes to the landscape of how music is consumed, produced and maintains its social and cultural significance are subjects that present both fascination and challenge for scholars and practitioners alike. Where on the one hand predictive speculations about future trends in music are virtually impossible to foretell, creative engagement with music practitioners and industry have the potential to give critical voice to what may be expected, based on the current state of affairs in popular music.

Our aim is to bring some of these voices together for a dynamic discussion on the future of popular music from a range of disciplines in music studies, including musicology, composition, cultural theory, philosophy, media studies, sociology business and marketing studies amongst others.

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