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Just P(l)ay! Music as Labour

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Interdisciplinary Conference of mdw – University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna

Conference date: 7-11 August 2019
Conference venue: Hotel Marienhof, Reichenau an der Rax, Austria
Keynote speakers: to be announced

Organisers: Dagmar Abfalter, Marko Kölbl, Rosa Reitsamer, Fritz Trümpi


The history of music as labour and music labour markets in particular is characterised by manifold processes of institutionalisation, globalisation, digitalisation and collaborations. From the mid-nineteenth century onwards, these processes have steadily increased, involving a range of different actors and institutions such as the music and media industries, music conservatories or community music initiatives that are guided by distinct conventions and shared beliefs (“art worlds”) as well as by frequently conflicting (economic) interests that have also resulted in resistance and power struggles as well as divergent practices. The“production of culture” perspective has been helpful to study these processes with respect to the changing roles of professions and educational institutions, to gatekeepers and to mechanisms of inclusion and exclusion.

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Riffs Vol 3 Issue 2: Music Festivals

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The fiesta was really started. It kept up day and night for seven days. The dancing kept up, the drinking kept up, the noise went on. The things that happened could only have happened during a fiesta. Everything became quite unreal finally and it seemed as though nothing could have any consequences. It seemed out of place to think of consequences during the fiesta. All during the fiesta you had the feeling, even when it was quiet, that you had to shout any remark to make it heard. It was the same feeling about any action. It was a fiesta and it went on for seven days.

 The Sun Also Rises, Ernest Hemingway.

We invite you to consider music festivals through this quote from The Sun Also Rises and in relation to notions of liminality, of repetition, the real and the unreal, festival and noise, time and perception.

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Hip-Hop Archives: The Politics and Poetics of Knowledge Production

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Edited by Mark V. Campbell (Ryerson University)
Murray Forman (Northeastern University)

As editors of this book, we seek contributions that critically address hip-hop archives (both digital and physical) and the processes of archivization, encompassing theoretical and analytical perspectives and exploring globally dispersed cases. We particularly welcome contributions from individuals who are in some way actively engaged in the development or operation of hip-hop archives in any medium and at any stage or scale, whether independent collections or institutionally supported enterprises. We also value the various ways in which hip-hop culture is engaged from historical and material perspectives, allowing for examination of the archive as a historical apparatus as well as a contemporary physical assemblage of artifacts.

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II Conference AVAMUS – XV AVAMUS Working Days of Musicology

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“The Mediterranean: Migrant Sounds”
AVAMUS (Associació Valenciana de Musicologia)
23-26 July, 2019
“La Nau” Cultural Space
2 University Street- Valencia (Spain) – Apt. 46003

The International Conference «The Mediterranean: Migrant Sounds», is the second of this type organized by AVAMUS and is proposed as a continuation of the International Conference «La Música en la Mediterrània Occidental: red de comunicación intercultural» (The Music in the Western Mediterranean: intercultural communication network), which took place in July 2014. This conference is interdisciplinary in its outlook, bringing together the many disciplines that examine the history and effect of music and sound, and which also interact with other approaches from the humanities and social sciences, for example art, literature, anthropology and sociology. Thus, the social and ethical dimensions are tackled both historically and synchronously, seeking out a history of movement that allows us to better understand our shared history.

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Exploring Gender Dynamics in the Music Industry

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May 17-18, 2019
University of Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands

The Department of Arts, Culture and Media in connection with the research project Exploring Gender Barriers in the (Dutch) Music Industry funded by the NWO KIEM (Creative Industry – Knowledge Innovation Mapping) at the University of Groningen is pleased to announce a two-day symposium to be held on May 17-18, 2019. The symposium will bring together both scholars and industry professionals to share insights on the topic of Gender Dynamics in the Music Industry. The intention is to share resources and create a dialogue to better address the lack of gender parity within the music industry. Further, we seek to extend to discussion to fields connected to, but not exclusive to the (relatively better researched) performance sphere. We welcome scholars and industry professionals from all genders and from all genres of music from classical to folk and popular.

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