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Hip-Hop Activism and Representational Politics

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Proposed Special Issue for Journal of World Popular Music
Guest Editors: Adam Haupt, H. Samy Alim & Quentin Williams

Hip-hop has mixed and sampled languages, dialects, styles, sounds, and media from diverse sources and localities. Beyond its ability to articulate resistance to hegemonic discourses and practices, it has also been able to support activism for positive social change – from activism for the upliftment of youth in post-apartheid South Africa to hip- hop activism in Palestine

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Sound Thought 2016

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Dialogues: Sound and Music across the Arts
Centre for Contemporary Arts
March 30th – April 1st, 2016

Sound Thought, the University of Glasgow’s annual postgraduate conference and concert festival, will exhibit the work of researchers and contemporary practitioners exploring the intersections of music, sound, and other artistic genres.

This year’s festival, “Dialogues”, will take place between 30 March and 1 April 2016, primarily at Glasgow’s Centre for Contemporary Arts, and at select other performance venues throughout the city. This year’s festival is being programmed in collaboration with GLEAM (Glasgow Audiovisual and Electronic Media), LUX Scotland, the Pipe Factory, and the Red Note Ensemble.
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Corrupting Desires! Technique, Performance and Control

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We are currently accepting submissions for Issue 2 of Cesura//Acceso, to be published in June 2016.

We want to think about how music is made and experienced – revealing limits, exclusions, desires, strategies, optimism and pessimism. Frustrations, constraints and manipulations of makers and listeners often condition the ways we can feel or think through our engagements with music. We want to prise these contradictions in music open, revealing some of its fractures, as well as its generative and emancipatory possibilities. Some of these might be related to:

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Occupied! Popular music, capital, state and society

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In the times of privatization, regulation and bureaucratization, the main problem, regarding activities related to music, is who controls music in terms of its digital sharing, international free-trade and diminishing power of society in shrinking nation-states.

The main streams and potential topics of the proposed conference, though not exclusively, are:

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Classical Music ‘Hyper-Production’ and Practice-As-Research Conference

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30th Jan. 2016

As the culmination to the AHRC funded project on Classical Music ‘Hyper-Production’ and Practice-As-Research, are hosting a combined live/online conference which will include live panel discussions from leading record producers, sound engineers, performers and composers, streamed online from London College of Music, University of West London.

The online conference comprises a series of peer reviewed online paper presentations and a blog. The paper presentations will take the form of a 3000 word text contribution, a 20 minute video presentation, or a slide show with spoken commentary. The blog-based panel discussions will be led by the invited speakers who will respond to the questions and comments of
the online participants.

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Mysterious Ways: U2 and Religion

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Bloomsbury Studies in Religion and Popular Music
Edited by Scott Calhoun

I invite proposals for chapters in an edited collection with an interdisciplinary focus on U2 and religion for Bloomsbury’s series on Religion and Popular Music. U2’s art, inclusive of its songs, videos, live concerts, concert films, graphic design, live staging and production design, performance visuals, material artifacts, and activism, has long sought to investigate and present the human experience as also a religious endeavor, with metaphysical and physical concerns, and as such U2’s art is various, extensive, and culturally engaged.
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Resonancias – Musical Research Journal

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Issue 38 (June 2016)
Guest editor: Víctor Rondón.

The journal Resonancias, published by the Music Institute at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile’s Faculty of Arts, invites specialists in musical research and/or related disciplines to send articles of their authorship presenting unpublished and relevant contributions in their areas. Articles written in Spanish, Portuguese and English will be accepted.

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Metal and Musicology

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One-day conference sponsored by the International Society for Metal Music Studies
12 March 2016 at University of Hull, UK

The recent and burgeoning field of metal studies continues to foster an interdisciplinary approach to metal music culture, drawing academics from sociology, philosophy, anthropology, political science, business, religious studies, and many more diverse areas of study. Musicology’s contribution to metal studies is less pronounced. With the exceptions of pioneering work by Robert Walser and more recent texts by Jonathan Pieslak, Mark Mynett, and Esa Lilja (among some others), metal studies’ relationship with musicology is somewhat underdeveloped. Despite a more reflexive and inclusive musicology emerging since the 1980s and ‘90s, metal music has rarely figured in musicological discussion of popular music or avant-gardes. Given metal’s status as a music culture, and the supposed broadening of musicological thought, it seems timely that metal studies and musicology embrace one another more directly.

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IASPM UK and Ireland Biennial Conference: Popular Music: Creativity, Practice and Praxis

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University of Sussex and the British and Irish Modern Music Institute (Brighton)
8-10 September 2016

Creativity is clearly a vital aspect of popular music and one which may be understood from a variety of perspectives, for example those of educators, composers, musicians, fans, music industry workers and critics. No doubt many of these perspectives overlap, not least for those with a foot in more than one of these camps. At the same time there are divergent opinions of how best to teach, study, theorise or practise creativity and this can hopefully lead to instructive debate.
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M/C Journal ‘Place’

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The ways in which artists, musicians, filmmakers and other creative practitioners perceive, navigate and represent ‘place’ in their work is complex and multifaceted. Further, place-based conditions also influence the ways in which creative activity occurs in particular locales, raising questions regarding the role of history, economics, attitudes towards and perceptions of particular forms of arts and culture, shared social and creative contexts, and the geographical location of places, in shaping and fostering creativity. While the relationship between place and creative practice is now widely recognised across the social sciences, it remains poorly conceptualised at the level of specific forms of artistic and creative practices and creative industries. The aim of this issue is to therefore bring together scholarship from across a range of disciplines that is concerned with the relationship between place, broadly defined, and creativity, also broadly defined.
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