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The Art of Record Production Conference 2010

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Change and Continuity: transformations, innovations and tensions in the art of record production.

The sixth annual Art of Record Production conference will be hosted by Bob Davis and Justin Morey at Leeds Metropolitan University on December 3rd – 5th 2010.

The theme of the conference is centered around the idea of change and continuity – the idea that music and music production can look backwards or it can look forwards. The way our ‘art’ changes through technology and the use of technology is an example of where people make choices between, for instance, old technology and new technology – between old sounds and new sounds, while continually exploring the space in between these two theoretical poles. In addition, we see innovation all around us but we might also reflect on what is new. There are also tensions in our field between technology, artistry, craftsmanship, aesthetics, and commerce. We hope that the strands will allow the conference to consider change and continuity in the art of record production.

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East Asian Popular Music

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Call for Papers for Popular Music Special Issue

Popular Music announces a Call for Papers for a Special Issue on East Asian Popular Music. We are particularly interested in submissions which address the transnational production and circulation of East Asian Popular Music both within and outside the East Asian region as a result of processes of globalisation and digitalisation; the new ways that popular music is being configured in relation to politics, society and technology under the legacy of Anglo-American political and cultural hegemony; the rise and decline of globalism; and (post)colonialism. These themes might include, for example, the impact of Japanese pop culture since the 1990s, the advancement of the Korean Wave (Hanryu) phenomenon in the 2000s, and the rise of pop culture in China. We wish to prioritise research which is exploring the way music is crossing existing borders and blurring previous musical and cultural boundaries.

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Red Strains: Music and Communism outside the Communist Bloc after 1945

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The British Academy, London
Thursday 13 January – Saturday 15 January 2011

Proposals are invited for this conference, to be held at the British Academy in London, in conjunction with the University of Nottingham.

The relationship between state communism and music behind the Iron Curtain has been the subject of much scholarly interest. The importance of communism for musicians outside the communist bloc, by contrast, has received little sustained attention. This conference aims to examine:

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IASPM Australia-New Zealand Annual Conference

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Instruments of Change
24-26 November 2010
Monash Conference Centre
Level 7, 30 Collins Street, Melbourne
School of English, Communications and Performance Studies / School of Music
Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

Conference Theme

Popular music is a dynamic cultural force. The acts of listening, playing, dancing, composing and recording are undertaken in a constant state of flux, further complicated by flows of space and time. This conference invites papers that consider popular music as a powerful social agent. This may include analysis of current or past uses of music instruments as the sound-producing objects of change, or particular uses of technologies and human voices of change. The conference also welcomes investigations of the institutions and discourses within which the sound, the event and the experience are created, and their relationships to social change.

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Popular Music Fan Culture: A One Day Symposium

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Binks Building, University of Chester
Northwest Popular Music Studies Network
Friday 25th June 2010

While a range of researchers in cultural studies – notably Henry Jenkins, Matt Hills and Cornell Sandvoss – have moved the discussion about media fandom forward, much less work has been done specifically on popular music fandom. We invite contributors from a wide range of disciplines to discuss topics associated with popular music fan culture at this free one-day study event in Chester. Themes for papers may include (but are not limited to):

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