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Really Popular? – Criteria of the Popularity of Music

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Yearbook “Lied und Populäre Kultur / Song and Popular Culture” of the Center for Popular Culture and Music, Vol. 67 (2022), ed. by Knut Holtsträter

When is music truly popular? Which criteria apply to different subject areas like classic pop, popular song or popular music? When is popular music not popular (any more)? Which historical, social, economic, and aesthetic conditions must be fulfilled for music to be considered popular? How can popularity be measured? The term “popular” is always associated with a quantitative and qualitative evaluation. This yearbook seeks to question the “popular” in music resp. the popularity of music as a claim to reality, though the discussion is not limited to so-called pop music alone but comprises all kinds of popular music, entertainment music, film and video game music and music on the (theatre) stage, as well as any kind of music that is not covered by the genre discourse of popular music, such as (Western) art music or concert music, folk music and folk song, and others – for these, too, raise the question of the “right” popularity.

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Women & Music: A Journal of Gender and Culture 

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Women & Music: A Journal of Gender and Culture is now accepting submissions for volume 26 (2022). The journal is particularly interested in work that provides a critical perspective on music and/or sound, and in work that considers the role of gender, sexuality, race, citizenship, class, or other cultural and social factors in the production, circulation, historicization, or consumption of music. Women & Music is an annual publication, published by the University of Nebraska Press.

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Global Hip Hop Studies Special Issue

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Global Hip Hop Studies Special Issue: ‘It’s Where You’re @: Hip Hop and the Internet’

Guest coedited by Raquel Campos and Steven Gamble

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Abstracts: 12 July 2021
Full articles: 22 October 2021

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