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The Good Old Days? Negotiating Quality, Mythology and Technostalgia in Contemporary Music Production

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Journal on the Art of Record Production ISSN: 1754-9892


 Issue #9

The Journal on the Art of Record Production invites articles, provocations and practitioner interviews for Issue #9: The Good Old Days? Negotiating Quality, Mythology and Technostalgia in Contemporary Music Production. In a recent Audio Pro International provocation, columnist, engineer and mixer Ian Dowling rejects the notion of ‘The Good Old Days’ and rails against what he sees as a stifling of innovation caused by a slavish re-modelling of the past in today’s recording and production processes. Conversely, Dave Grohl celebrates analogue technology for its effect on the creative process in Sound City. Mixer Chris Lord-Alge freely blends old technology with new, as do many practitioners. Scholars such as David Morton (2000) and Timothy Taylor (2001) have discussed issues of ‘technostalgia’ in relation to music technology; Alan Williams has described the ‘canonization of process’ (2010) whereby past technologies and methodologies are celebrated (as in Sound City and the Classic Albums documentary series). What questions arise from considering the relationship between contemporary music production and its past, whether celebrated or denigrated?

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Into the Mix: People, Places, Processes

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5-7 December 2014
St David Theatre Complex, corner of St David and Cumberland Streets, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand

Organizing Committee: Jen Cattermole, Henry Johnson and Oli Wilson

The theme of this year’s conference is “Into the Mix”. The “mix” is both literal (referring to various stages in the production of popular music, as well as important creative processes such as sampling, remixing and DJing) and an analogy for all types of musical hybridities and encounters, the fluid nature of musical meanings and musical experiences, and the fluidity or movement of ideas, sounds and peoples. The notion of the “mix” is defined broadly; it might involve popular music production processes, a creative setting, or another space where people, places and processes are foregrounded as part of an interpretive cultural analysis. Contributions might be case-study analyses underpinned by historical, ethnographic or critical enquiry, or focused entirely on theoretical orientations addressing music production, as well as hybridity and related topics.

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Looking Popular: Representations of the Popular in Music Visual Culture

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Intercongressional symposium to be held at The Royal Library and Rhythmic Music Conservatory, Copenhagen, 20-23 August 2014.

The Conference will present recent research on topics related to the manner in which “the popular” in its manifold expressions might be represented in visual culture related to music, theatre and dance. Topics may include, but are not restricted to:

  • visual culture and media theory related to music, theatre and dance.
  • organology of the instruments in use or of influence in popular music.
  • popular music, theatre and dance culture as visually presented.
  • topics relating to the popularisation of so-called art music as represented in visual culture.
  • rock, jazz and pop music and related art forms in visual culture.

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Stepping Out: Music in the new media landscape

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February 26th in the Auditorium, UCA Epsom

The Fall once sang: “I used to believe everything I read, but that’s all changed and now I’m stepping out.” In the 35 years since Mark E Smith uttered that line the way music is communicated has completely changed – from the three weekly ‘inkies’ to the dazzling array of digital sites we have today. This reflects how much the music industry too has been reconfigured, in the wake of the download revolution.

This Industry Day/conference marks the rapidly shifting landscape for music and media, with panels on the music industry and music writing across platforms.

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The Live Concert Experience

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Special Issue of Rock Music Studies, Fall 2015

Rock Music Studies is a new popular music journal to be launched by Taylor & Francis in 2014, under the co-editorship of Gary Burns and Thomas Kitts. Contributions are invited to a special issue of the journal, to be published in Volume 2.3, 2015, on “The Live Concert Experience.” The special issue will be co-edited by Nick Baxter-Moore and Tom Kitts.

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