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The Artistry and Business of Queen

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The Artistry and Business of Queen  

Following a successful online conference about Queen, which took place in May 2021, bringing together academic papers, interviews with industry insiders, familiar with Queen’s career and the band’s most dedicated fans, we aim at publishing an edited collection, devoted to Queen’s career, artistry, representation in different media and fandom. In particular, we seek proposals for book chapters, covering but not exclusively such themes as:

  • Music and lyrics of Queen’s songs
  • Technology, studio craft, instruments, and instrumentation
  • Live performance
  • Album covers/ Artwork
  • Queen’s relationship with video, cinema and theatre
  • Queen’s solo activities
  • Queen post Mercury
  • Queen’s reception in the UK and abroad

Abstracts (in word, not pdf) of no more than 300 words with a short bio should be e-mailed by 31 October 2021 to Tony Rigg [email protected] and Ewa Mazierska [email protected].

Full chapters by 31 March 2022.

Please feel free to view the conference with can be found here:

Part 1 https://youtu.be/CC-bMBz20kE
Part 2 https://youtu.be/BvdG-tNEYy4

Light My Way: Achtung Baby! 30 Years Later

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Light My Way: Achtung Baby! 30 Years Later
A Virtual Exploration of U2 Dreaming It All Up Again
November 18-20, 2021

The U2 Conference invites conversations and critical inquiry into how Achtung Baby continues to light our way, despite—or because of—its shadowy dark corners, contradictory complexities, and experimental nature, thematically and sonically, for U2. When released thirty years ago, reactions from critics and fans ranged from beloved to bewildered to betrayed, which was certainly all part of the plan when U2 felled its Joshua Tree era with its shock-and-awe reinvention, born from dreams and responsibilities to itself, its art, and its sense of rock ‘n’ roll.

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Access and participation in traditional music in the Anglo-Irish world

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Date: Thursday 18th November 2021 (Online Symposium)
Submission Date: 31st August 2021

We call for papers, presentations and panels for an online symposium on access and participation in traditional music of the Anglo-Irish world. The symposium will focus on routes into traditional and folk musics, and empirical understandings of how socio-economic and other contextual factors affect the access to, and participation in traditional musics. We also seek contributions that conceptualise ideologies of ‘folk’/’traditional’ in contemporary society that consider aspects of cultural hegemony, difference and social mobility. This symposium grows out of a growing awareness that public subsidy for traditional/folk music provision in primary, secondary and most recently at the tertiary level has been disappearing for the past two decades, and particularly under austerity. Similarly, there has been a widespread and welcome discussion of gender and race, as well as a growing awareness of various inequities in traditional music and unevenness in provision and participation across different groups in Anglo-Irish societies. Diversity is critical to a flourishing tradition, and this symposium seeks to encourage conversations about the relations between social and economic diversity and how these relate to participation in traditional musics.

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IASPM Journal Special Issue: Practice Based Research

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Special Issue Editors:
Laura Jordán González, Simon Zagorski-Thomas, Anthony Kwame Harrison, and Mary Fogarty

IASPM Journal is the peer-reviewed open-access e-journal of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music (IASPM). As part of an international network, the journal aims to publish research and analysis in the field of popular music studies at both global and local levels.

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MusicID Digital Research Fellowship 2021

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MusicID Digital Research Fellowship 2021
Call for Proposals
Deadline: August 1, 2021

Webpage for submissions: https://musicidhub.com/music-id-digital-research-fellowship-call-for-proposals

MusicID is pleased to announce its fourth annual Digital Research Fellowship in popular music studies.

MusicID is an academic platform that compiles current and historical music industry data in a single, easy-to-use source. MusicID Data gives researchers direct access to more than half a billion lines of data featuring 5,452 different music charts spanning 74 countries, including albums, singles, and specialist genre charts, as well as streaming information from Spotify, Apple Music and Shazam. MusicID Revenue tracks the worldwide top earning recordings of the 21st century. Discover the most successful artists, singles, and albums of the last twenty years–all at the touch of a button. MusicID Impact provides a birds-eye view of popular music history, allowing you discover the top artists, songs, and albums since 1900. MusicID’s bespoke, built-in visualisation tools allow researchers to create and export customisable tables and graphs, including sales patterns.

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Intersections Between Game Music and Electronic Dance Music

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The Journal of Sound and Music in Games: Call for Papers

The Journal of Sound and Music in Games <https://online.ucpress.edu/jsmg/pages/call_for_papers> invites contributions to its first special issue, in which stylistic and cultural intersections will be explored between game music and electronic dance music.

With electronic dance music, we refer to musical styles that are produced and developed by and for DJs and their dancefloors at clubs, raves and festivals (Rietveld, 2018). Game music is understood here as the soundtrack to interactive digital video and arcade games, in which the musical outcome exists in a dynamic relationship with the game play. Such nonlinearity may also be identified in how the dance DJ interacts with the dancefloor, selecting a set from a range of musical recordings.

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