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Special issue on Contemporary Issues in Live Music 

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Call for papers from Arts and the Market

Guest editors:
Dr Chris Anderton, Solent University, Southampton, UK
Dr Sergio Pisfil, Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas, Lima, Peru

Arts and the Market is pleased to announce a Special Issue focused on the intersection of live music with contemporary social and cultural issues.

The past ten years have seen significant global growth in the live music sector, and a burgeoning interest in academia, exploring aspects of live music history, business, technology, culture, reception and space. Recent book-length publications include a three-part series by Simon Frith et al., with monographs in preparation/press from Fabian Holt and Steve Waksman, and forthcoming edited book collections from Angela Jones & Rebecca Jane Bennett, Ewa Mazierska et al. and guest editors Chris Anderton & Sergio Pisfil. The available literature has most strongly focused on music festivals (such as Robinson 2015; McKay 2015; Arnold 2018; Anderton 2019), but the broader field of live music studies is rapidly expanding with a particular interest in areas such as economics, work practices, spatiality and gender.

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Call for Papers: Journal of Popular Music Education 

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ISSN 2397-6721 | Online ISSN 2397-673X 
3 issues per volume | First published in 2017 

Call for papers for special two-part issue titled Women in Popular Music: Their Musical Education and Pedagogical Inspirations, in Two Parts: (1) Women in WoPop (World Popular Music) and (2) Women in Popular Music across the Anglosphere

Guest Editor: Patricia Shehan Campbell

The aim of this two-part issue is to honor the voices of women in popular music across generations and cultures, their musical journeys from nascent to fully fledged or professional musicians, their ways of learning their craft, and their contributions in inspiring, influencing, and imparting to others the skills for engaging in popular music of various forms.

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“No one listens to Springsteen anymore. He’s history!” (Blinded by the Light): Pop-rock Music and 2000s Cinema

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Université Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris CREW, EA 4399

Organisers : Clémentine Tholas and Catherine Girodet

Keynote Speaker: Mark Duffett (University of Chester, UK)

Location: Université Sorbonne-Nouvelle, Maison de la Recherche (Paris, France)

Date : September 18, 2020

Scientific committee : Christophe Chambost (Université Bordeaux Montaigne, France), Catherine Girodet (EMMA, Université Paul Valéry / Université Paris Est Créteil, France), Elsa Grassy (Université de Strasbourg, France), John Mullen (Université de Rouen, France), Karen Randell (Nottingham Trent University, UK), David Roche (Université Paul Valéry),  Antoine Servel (Université Paris Est Créteil, France), Clémentine Tholas (Sorbonne Nouvelle, France).

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Urban Nostalgia: The Musical City in the 19th and 20th Centuries

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EHESS, Paris, 105 boulevard Raspail, Salle 13
July 3, 2020

Call for papers – deadline 6 April 


The aim of this workshop is to explore space through music, approaching the history of the city via the notion of nostalgia. Often described as a form of homesickness, nostalgia is, by definition, the feeling that makes us wish to repossess or reoccupy a space. Such spaces appear to us as both near and distant, tangible and remote, and it seems that attempts at reclaiming them are frequently musical in nature. We know, for instance, that particular compositions have played important roles in helping people to navigate or mitigate a sense of displacement. In these circumstances, affective experiences may be bound up with trauma or joy, as is the case of song during wartime or musical imaginaries among migrants. Under other conditions, we might identify a ‘second-hand nostalgia’ in the guise of a musically-inflected tourism that seeks to reactivate (for pleasure and/or profit) the historical aura of an urban site. What are we to make of the abundance of personal, inter-personal, and propositional episodes that posit music as some kind of a bridge to the urban past?

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The production of urban ambiances for tourist consumption in the contemporary city

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Call for chapters for an edited volume to be submitted to Routledge’s Ambiences and Atmospheres Series or Routledge Advances in Tourism and Anthropology Series

Iñigo Sánchez (Universidade Nova de Lisboa)
Daniel Malet Calvo (ISCTE, University Institute of Lisbon)
Daniel Paiva (Universidade Nova de Lisboa)

This book seeks to analyze the impact of tourism on the urban environment, focusing on the concept of “ambiance” as a tool to explore the physical regeneration and sensory transformation of contemporary touristic places.

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Heroes, Canons, Cults. Critical Inquiries

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isaScience 2020 from 12-16 August 2020

Conference venue: Hotel Marienhof, Hauptstraße 71-73, 2651 Reichenau an der Rax, Austria

Organisers of isaScience: Dagmar Abfalter, Marko Kölb, Rosa Reitsamer, Fritz Trümpi

Coordinators: Karoline Feyertag,  Slavomíra Martišková

Contact: [email protected]

Further information: mdw.ac.at/isa/isascience

isaScience 2020 focuses on critical perspectives on heroic imaginations, cultic actions and the formation and maintenance of canons. Across musical styles and cultural spheres, heroes, cults and canons contribute to the creation of normative and exclusionary and even violent settings, dictating what ears and eyes should deem adequate and valuable. Likewise, heroisation, cultification and canonisation define what remains unheard, unseen and regarded as unworthy.

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Regional experiences and external influences: reclaiming identities by popular music in the digital era

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Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń and International Association for the Study of Popular Music
Toruń, Poland June 18-20, 2020

Conference website: https://iaspm2020torun.wixsite.com/website

The main objective of the conference is to exchange the experiences of studying popular music regional scenes. Such panorama tends to functionally and structurally reflect the specific and diversified character of cultural regionalism itself, including music and its social functions. We shall examine local popular music scenes in three varied but overlapping perspectives located mainly in the fields of musicology, sociology, anthropology, literary studies, cultural studies, political science, but we do not limit the academic areas of research. Thus, the experts of the enumerated fields covering the research on popular music are welcome.

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Music Production Education Conference 2020 – Reflecting the Future

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Leeds Beckett University, Leeds, UK
Thursday 14th – Friday 15th May 2020

MPEC 2020 is the second conference for the study of Music Production & Technology pedagogy. MPEC seeks to provide a forum for the discussion and analysis of teaching and learning in music production & technology in Further and Higher Education. The conference offers a forum for lively debate and stimulating presentations that address some of the issues of contemporary music production education within the broader context of the arts sector, research and professional communities.

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SMA Theory and Analysis Graduate Students Conference

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25th and 26th April 2020
City, University of London

*Submissions very welcome from ethnomusicologists*

The Society for Music Analysis’s annual Theory and Analysis Graduate Students (TAGS) Conference will be hosted by the Department of Music at City University on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 April, 2020. The event provides a supportive and friendly environment in which postgraduates can gain experience in presenting their work and meet fellow researchers. Participants who do not wish to give a paper are also very welcome to attend.

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