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No Sir, I Won’t: Reconsidering the Legacy of Crass and Anarcho-punk

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Friday 28th June 2013
Organised by Oxford Brookes’ Popular Music Research Unit (PMRU) in association with the Network of Punk Scholars (NPS).

 20 years since legendary anarcho-punk group Crass released their highly challenging LP Yes Sir, I Will, this symposium will explore the impact and long-lasting legacy of Crass and anarcho-punk. Crass are widely perceived as ‘reluctant leaders’ of the anarcho-punk scene; an ironic title for self-proclaimed anarchists, of course. The central question, for this study day, is: were Crass and anarcho-punk scene significantly effective politically or, alternatively, was the anarcho-punk scene surreptitiously more about clothes, music, image and ‘symbolic rebellion’ (to use Adorno’s term)?

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