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Diva: Hip-Hop, Feminism, Fierceness

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The shift from the margins to the mainstream has occurred simultaneously, over the last few decades, for two groups that now jointly exert a central influence over contemporary culture and politics: female r’n’b and hip-hop artists, and feminist thinkers and activists. The coming together of these two groups and sensibilities has redefined contemporary popular music (in all senses of musics of black origin), and wider culture and politics, in the West – from the banlieues to the White House, from Black Lives Matter to #MeToo, from Betty Davis to Neneh Cherry, TLC to Aaliyah, Alicia Keys to Iggy Azalea, Beyonce to Ariana Grande, and all points in between.

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Innovation in Music Conference 2019

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05 – 07 December 2019
University of West London: Ealing Campus

Full event details can be found at the conference website: http://www.musicinnovation.co.uk

Innovation in Music (InMusic) welcomes academics, creatives, producers, artists, industry professionals, technology developers and equipment manufacturers to come together and submit abstracts for consideration on a wide range of topics including:

  • Innovative music creation and performance
  • Music technology innovation
  • Innovation in music business
  • Music production: past, present and future

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Anyone can do it: Noise, Punk, and the Ethics/Politics of Transgression

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The Punk Scholars Network’s 6th International Conference and Postgraduate Symposium

16th and 17th December 2019, Newcastle University

For the PSN’s 6thannual conference, the main theme is ‘noise’ and the question whether ‘anyone can do it’. Noise has a distinct place in punk (and in many post-punk musics), where it is often understood as a positive value. Indeed, today many (in the UK at least) will speak of ‘the noise scene’ as something like a genre in itself.

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Austrian Music Studies: Topics – Perspectives – Concepts

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Annual Conference of the Austrian Society for Musicology

Innsbruck, Austria, Haus der Musik 4-7 December 2019
Organisation and Concept: Department of Music of the University of Innsbruck in cooperation with the doctoral seminar “Austrian Studies” of the University of Innsbruck

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21st Century Music Practice series of Elements by Cambridge University Press

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Announcing the launch of the 21st Century Music Practice series of Elements by Cambridge University Press.

Elements are a new publishing format that CUP are promoting that consists of a 20,000 word text – somewhere in between a standard journal article and a book – and which can also involve extensive multi-media content. The series has developed out of the 21st Century Music Practice Research Network which currently has around 250 members in 30 countries and is dedicated to the study of what Christopher Small termed Musicking – the process of making and sharing music rather than the output itself. Obviously this exists at the intersection of ethnomusicology, performance studies, and practice pedagogy / practice-led-research in composition, performance, recording, production, musical theatre, music for screen and other forms of multi-media musicking. The generic nature of the term ‘21st Century Music Practice’ reflects the aim of the series to bring together all forms of music into a larger discussion of current practice and to provide a platform for research about any musical tradition or style. It embraces everything from hip hop to historically informed performance and K-Pop to Inuk Throat Singing.

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15th International Meeting of Music and Media

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What has gone with the wind… Over the rainbow?

(About music and memory)

September 25-27, 2019, Sao Paulo, Brazil

In 1939, 80 years ago, the world has been thrilled by the premiere of two cinematographic works: Gone with the wind and The Wizard of Oz. The memorable films, in addition to the direction of Victor Flemming, share another important participation: that of the composer Max Steiner, either in the writing of the soundtrack or in the arrangement of songs. Both the theme of Tara and Over the Rainbow still remain as classics of the repertoire of contemporary artists, occupying the sound landscape and memorial of generation to generation.

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