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Transnational Fields of Production and Consumption

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RC14 Sociology of Communication, Knowledge and Culture (host committee)
Language: English

According to Meulemen and Savage (2013: 232), Bourdieu’s work on cultural consumption employs a “Franco-centric” model of cultural hierarchy, and most empirical studies of cultural consumption still focus on nationally-based fields (Meulemen and Savage 2013). This emphasis on the national at the expense of the transnational has been repeated in many analyses of cultural production. For example, many previous Bourdieusian analyses of popular music focus on fields at the local and/or national level of analysis and do not focus on the diasporic and/or transnational character of fields.
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Football, Politics and Popular Culture: 2017 Annual Conference of The Football Collective.

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Hosted by the Popular Music and Popular Culture Research Cluster, University of Limerick.

‘The Football Collective’ is a dedicated International network of over 200 academics and practitioners across a range of disciplines (Sociology, Musicology, Business Management, Economics and Finance, Political Science, Gender Studies, History, Social Media and Fan Studies, Corporate Governance etc.). Through sharp analysis and research it has provided a platform for thought provoking critical debate in football studies.

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IASPM Journal 8/1 (2018) –– Gender Politics in the Music Industry

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Special Issue Editors: Catherine Strong and Sarah Raine

Gender in music has been considered in terms of performance, genre, and audience cultures, yet gender politics within the music industry itself remains under-researched. Offering an opportunity to engage at the intersection between musical production, the creative industries and gender politics, this call for papers aims to bring together research that considers the gender politics of the music industry itself: of work relationships; the spaces of production; the processes of decision making; the creation of musical experiences in festivals and tours.

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Filming African Music

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18 November 2017
Bath Spa University, Newton Park campus

This interdisciplinary study day is a partnership between Bath Spa University, the African Musics Study Group UK branch (AMSG-UK), affiliated to the International Council for Traditional Music, the Afrika Eye Film Festival, Bristol (10-12 November 2017), and the British Forum for Ethnomusicology.

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Symposium for Digital Musicology

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1st September 2017
Senate House W1CE 7HU London UK

Symposium for Digital Musicology is a one day event that aims to bring together scholars from various musicological fields and computer scientists in order to generate a discussion about digital musicology – an interdisciplinary field in which new technologies are applied to musicological research. Digital techniques have been used more often within humanities in fields outside of musicology, for example in palaeography, history, art history, and many others. The field of digital musicology remains an active field with research done by computer scientists and programmers who have built a broad range of tools that could be used by musicologists and ethnomusicologists, but these tools do not usually meet their potential on this side of the research spectrum. These digital tools could both be timesaving and provide opportunities to new methodologies (e.g. big data, timbral analysis, automated transcription, etc.).

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