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The Place of Music

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Centre for Research in Communication and Culture, Loughborough University
28-29 June 2017 | Co-organised by Allan Watson and Michael Hoyler
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About this event

It is almost twenty years since the publication of the landmark text The Place of Music (Leyshon et al. 1998) put the complex relationships between music and place firmly on the research agenda. In those twenty years, technological developments have profoundly impacted upon musical production and consumption in ways which have not only changed the relationships between music and place in a geographical sense, but the place of music in society and the economy
more fundamentally. This two day conference takes this anniversary as an opportunity to bring together musical scholars from across the social sciences to consider and debate the place of music in 21st Century economy and society. The conference will be based broadly, although not exclusively, around four overlapping key themes:

1. Music-making, musical creativity and creative labour
2. The music industry and musical economy
3. Music consumption
4. Social and economic networks of musical creativity and production

Call for papers

Our aim is to bring together researchers from diverse disciplinary backgrounds who share common ground through their interest in music scholarship. We therefore invite proposals for presentations from scholars working in any discipline or area of music scholarship.

Proposals should take the form of an abstract of no more than 250 words, along with name(s) (clearly identifying the named presenter), affiliation and e-mail address. Proposals should be e-mailed to Allan Watson ([email protected]) and Michael Hoyler ([email protected]), by Friday 16th December 2016.

Decisions on proposals will be made during January 2017.

A modest registration fee will be charged for all speakers and delegates (reduced for postgraduate researchers), which will include coffee/tea, and lunches. There will be an option of a conference dinner at additional cost. Travel and accommodation costs are not included.

Confirmed speakers include:

Professor Andrew Leyshon, University of Nottingham. Author of Reformatted: Code, Networks and the Transformation of the Music Industry (Oxford University Press, 2014) and co-editor of The Place of Music (Guilford Press, 1998).

Professor Nick Crossley, University of Manchester. Author of Networks of Sound, Style and Subversion: The Punk and Post–Punk Worlds of Manchester, London, Liverpool and Sheffield, 1975–80 (Manchester University Press, 2015).

Dr Leslie Meier, University of Leeds. Author of Popular Music as Promotion: Music and Branding in the Digital Age (Polity, 2016)

Louis Barabbas, Director of Debt Records, Manchester

The Place of Music represents one of a number of events occurring across 2016-17 to mark the launch of Loughborough University’s new Centre for Research in Communication and Culture: http://www.lboro.ac.uk/research/crcc.

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