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The Eaves

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The Eaves is an online journal that features writing about sound, sound about writing, and everything in between. Aspiring to challenge the assumption that language is tuned to the visual more than to the auditory, it showcases essays, short fiction, and poetry that are all ears as well as sound pieces that deal with sound‘s relation to speech, writing, or both.

The Eaves wants to be more serious than a blog and more adventurous than an academic journal. It showcases writing about and through sound, attempting to make full use of the internet’s affordances for different degrees and combinations of linear and non-linear writing.

The Eaves invites contributions by authors and poets as well as by practitioners from the fields of music and sound art. These may include, but are not restricted to:

  • prose
  • poetry
  • sound pieces
  • songs
  • scores
  • documentations of sound installations

Also, more scholarly contributions from researchers are also welcome.

Subjects might include, but are not restricted to:

  • sound in literature
  • storytelling in music
  • experimental musical notation
  • speech and voices
  • writing/talking/knowing about/through sound

There are no restrictions regarding the form, style, and medium of contributions; they can be writing, sound, or any combination of the two. Work at the intersection of artistic and research practice is especially welcome.

Please also take note of our guidelines for authors.

Should you have any questions or proposals, please get in touch with the editor via e-mail.

Please submit your contribution to: [email protected]

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