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The 12th Art of Record Production Conference – Mono: Stereo: Multi

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December 1 – 3, 2017
Hosted by the Royal College of Music, Stockholm, Sweden

Why Mono: Stereo: Multi?
Drawing on the both literal and metaphorical connections with the history of audio formats, the 2017 Art of Record Production conference explores a range of ways in which singularity, dichotomy and multiplicity can be contrasted. Whether it is the mono-cultural versus the multi-cultural, the mono-media versus the multi-media, a mono-disciplinary versus a multi-disciplinary approach or the mono-phonic versus the multi-phonic, we are seeking proposals for long and short format paper presentations, poster presentations and recorded music playback presentations that present these ideas in the following contexts:

A: Research vs. Practical Education 
How does the singular versus the multi-faceted relate to the various dichotomies faced in the juxtaposition of research and practical education? What are the differences between singular and multi-disciplinary approaches? How broad or narrow should the scope be in our approach to education or in the development of new knowledge? What does it mean to be a specialist in the rapidly changing world of recorded music and how broad a range of skills and knowledge can an individual successfully assimilate?
B: Production vs. Consumption 
In what ways are production and consumption systems related to our engagement with and immersion in recorded music? How are distribution systems that situate control of the mix process in the hands of consumers affecting the idea of authorship and ownership in production and consumption of recorded music? How are new and varied systems of production and consumption affecting our understanding and control of production and/or consumption?
C: Aesthetics vs. Technology
Whether it be Schaffer’s concept of reduced listening or the complexities of multi-modal perception, there is a complex interaction between the affordances that technological developments offer and the way that aesthetics and cultural values drive their usage. How are these socio-cultural and technological changes related to the sounds of recorded music and the way we interpret them?
D: Traditions vs. Innovations
How have histories and developments in the practices of recorded music making related to these broad interpretations of the terms mono, stereo and multi? This stream ranges from the multiple formats of recorded media to the variety of musical and technical practices and from ways of thinking about sound to the nature of our academic discipline. When and how do technologies become old and what differentiates a smooth progression from a discrete innovation?
E: Centre vs. Peripheral 
How do notions such as ‘mainstream’ and ‘alternative’ relate to recorded music and, indeed, to our academic field? This might be related to geography, economics or various forms of identity, and might explore the idea of the ‘normal versus the ‘other’ or might be a more literal interpretation of the concept of centrality. Indeed, in spatial terms, why do we need the centre to be in front of us?

In addition to the above themes and topics, we also welcome proposals for presentations and posters exploring aspects of music production, sound design, performances and practical demonstrations on other topics related to the Art of Record Production.
We especially want to invite music producers who create music for multi-channel speaker playback systems to present their music at ARP’17. In the Royal College of Music’s new campus, which opened in January 2017, one of the concert halls has multi-speaker system, a unique loudspeaker dome with more than 20 Genelec speakers. There is also a SSL Duality control room, specially designed for a multi-speaker system (an Auro 3D 13.1 system). Please contact us for more technical info.

We are using the web-based tool EasyChair to organize the submissions to ARP 2017. Please create an account and upload your submission to Easy Chair. Follow this link: https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=arp2017

You will be asked to choose which of the above themes to submit your paper to and whether your presentation is a long or short format paper presentation, a poster, a demonstrations or presentation that require recording studio playback facilities or a multi channel audio playback system.

Any questions or correspondence can be directed to [email protected]
Presenters at the conference must be members of the Association for the Study of the Art of Record Production. It costs £15 (about US$20, €20 or SEK 175) for the annual subscription and you can join at: http://www.artofrecordproduction.com/index.php/join-asarp
The deadline for proposals is May 1, 2017 and decisions will be communicated to authors no later than June 19, 2017

Best Regards,

Jan-Olof Gullö – Chair of the 12th Art of Record Production Conference
Per-Henrik Holgersson – Chair of the 12th Art of Record Production Conference
Katia Isakoff – Director of the Art of Record Production Conference
Simon Zagorski-Thomas – Director of the Art of Record Production Conference

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