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Technology and Change in Music Cultures

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University of Turku & Åbo Akademi University 5–7 May 2020

The Finnish Society for Ethnomusicology and the departments of musicology at Turku University and Åbo Akademi University in collaboration with the research project ‘The impact of digitalization on minority music’ are pleased to invite researchers interested in music to attend to the 24th Annual Symposium for Music Scholars in Finland.

The event will take place on 5-7 May as an Internet symposium due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The theme of the symposium is technology and change in music cultures. Many scholars, musicians and visionaries have seen great aesthetic and democratizing potential in technological development, whereas others have held more pessimistic views on its impact on music cultures. Our goal is to promote critical perspectives on the impact of technological changes on the development of music while opening up new areas of debate in the field. Technology in this context can be understood as anything from organology, architecture or printing to modern sound recording and reproduction apparatuses and digital technology. In addition, the technological means of studying music will be included.

Nick Prior (University of Edinburgh)
Holly Rogers (Goldsmiths, University of London)
Shzr Ee Tan (Royal Holloway, University of London)

The symposium theme is intended as a starting point for debates extending across a wide range of fields of study, methods and individual research apparatuses. The organizers wish to encourage especially PhD students to submit paper proposals.
Because this is an Internet symposium, no parallel sessions will take place. This limits the number of speakers to a significantly smaller figure than previously planned.

Presentation proposals may refer directly or only tangentially to the main theme of the symposium. Proposals that represent ongoing music research in Finland but fall outside of the area of the call will also be considered for inclusion in the symposium programme. When selecting papers for the symposium, we will prioritise connections to the symposium theme and the topicality of the research.

Submitting proposals

The selection committee will accept proposals for single presentations, panel sessions comprising 3-4 speakers, and video posters. Because of the nature of the symposium’s Internet format, 15 minutes including discussion will be reserved for each speaker. Since the format limits the number of speakers, we encourage participants to present their research in the form of video posters. In such cases a video of a maximum of 5 minutes presenting the research project in question should be delivered to the organizers, who will make it accessible to participants by publishing it on a website. The symposium program will include time for discussions about video posters.

The maximum length of abstracts is 200 words (for oral and video poster presentations) and 300 words (for panel sessions). Proposals may be submitted and presentations given in Finnish, Swedish or English.

Abstracts should be submitted as word, RTF or PDF files to the following e-mail address: [email protected]. Proposals should include:
– contact details of the researcher or research group
– the title of the presentation, session or project (poster)
– an abstract of no more than 200 words (300 for panel sessions)
The deadline for abstract submissions is 12 March 2021
We will notify whether proposals have been accepted by 9 April 2021

Any questions or correspondence can be directed to: [email protected]
Further information can be found at the Symposium website:

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