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Sounding Space and Place: New Directions in the Geography of Sound and Music

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Luke Leavitt (Department of Geography, University of Wisconsin-Madison); Arun Saldanha (Department of Geography, Environment and Society, University of Minnesota);
Rashad Shabazz (School of Social Transformation/School of Geographical Science and Urban Planning, Arizona State University)

Though geographers have been doing research on music for decades, there has recently been a flourishing of new perspectives emerging between cultural geography, popular music studies, and sound studies. This series of panels builds on the momentum at previous AAG meetings to create community and exchange. “Space and place” are more than just the “where” of the production, dissemination, and consumption of particular sounds. When we listen to music and other sounds we’re hearing history, migration, power, industry, race, gender, sexuality, class, religion, climate, language, and a host of other social and environmental factors. No musician, listener, or sound-maker lives outside these forces, and the experiences of music and sound in turn help shape these contexts. How do the multiple crises heaping up in the world today come to inflect soundscapes and the sonic arts? This series of panels provides cases and concepts for demonstrating how music and sound are spatialized.

This call for participation seeks panel contributions that connect music and/or sound with themes including but not limited to:

  • colonialism, Blackness, Indigeneity, institutional racism, Islamophobia/orientalism, whiteness, etc.
  • gender identities and sexuality
  • the state, power, biopolitics
  • protest, critique, social movements
  • economic, psychic, and cybernetic logics of the culture industry
  • urban landscapes, public space, and architecture
  • class, taste, cultural capital
  • migration, tourism, public transport, and other mobilities
  • cultural, regional, religious, national identities; sacred space
  • auditory or lyrical evocations of landscape
  • environmental degradation and disaster
  • more-than-human music and sound
  • technological aspects of production, distribution and consumption
  • embodied experience, soundscapes, sense(s) of place, attunement
  • poetics and aesthetics
  • audience dynamics and performance spaces

Please send abstracts to Luke Leavitt ([email protected]), Arun Saldanha ([email protected]) and Rashad Shabazz ([email protected]) by October 30th. Talks are 10-15 minutes.

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