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Song Studies: Approaches and Perspectives

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Song Studies: Approaches and Perspectives (Amsterdam University Press)

Contributions are invited for an edited collection that introduces “Song Studies” as an emerging, interdisciplinary field of study and practice. More specifically, the book covers different approaches and perspectives to the creative practice and expression of song (e.g., analysing, composing, performing) and inaugurates the newly established series titled “Song Studies”: https://www.aup.nl/en/series/song-studies.

The editors of this volume aim to provide a foundation for Song Studies, with chapters on conceptual frameworks, innovative methodologies, and case studies that foreground the voices of practitioners and performers. In bridging theory and practice, the volume’s principal objective is to delineate the field of Song Studies as an interdisciplinary space where researchers and practitioners from different disciplines, practices, and performance traditions explore song in diverse and complementary ways.

By emphasising perspectives and expertise from researchers, practitioners, and performers from different contexts and communities, this edited collection will act as a platform to spark multi- and intercultural dialogues on the phenomenon of song. The collection will not only highlight current research but can also serve as a text for teaching advanced undergraduate and graduate students, as well as contributing to academic discourses in disciplines such as musicology, literary studies, cultural studies, social and political history, sociology, anthropology, psychology, and many more.

We welcome a broad range of global approaches and perspectives including case studies and contributions that speak to theoretical and methodological issues.

Please send a short abstract proposal (300-400 words) with a short bio (150 words) to [email protected]

Deadline for proposals: 1st April 2023

We aim to reply to all submissions by July 2023.

Chapters should be submitted for peer review by 31 May 2024. Publication by AUP is envisioned for 2025.

Word limit: 6000-7000 words

Contact Info: Song Studies Series Editorial Group at [email protected]

Contact Email: [email protected]

URL: https://www.aup.nl/en/series/song-studies

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