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Second International Conference of The Progect Network for the study of progressive rock

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After the success of the first initiative in Dijon (2014), The Progect is organizing its second international conference on the 25th, 26th and 27th May 2016 in Edinburgh, UK. This will be another opportunity to cover different aspects of progressive rock and promote awareness of current research around the world.

We are sure that there will be more The Progect events in the future, and so we have agreed to organize more thematic conferences to allow for a broader range of study in the long term. Therefore, for this second event we encourage researchers to present papers that develop an interdisciplinary approach to progressive rock across three fields: musicology, sociology and media studies. Topics for papers could include (but are not limited to):

  • Musicology: record production, sampling, technology, improvisation, ways of listening, music theories, ethnomusicology, history of progressive rock styles, instrumentation
  • Sociology: consumption, types of audiences, gender, age, sexuality, identity, industry, ideology, subcultures, places, events, scenes, stardom
  • Media studies: journalists and journalism, critics, textual analysis, literature, cinema and other arts, promoters, entrepreneurs, music awards, magazines, online archives, blogs, forums and other fan sites

We especially welcome papers that explore the ways in which these fields interact, complement or contradict each other.

Speakers and guest personalities 

We are happy to announce that John Covach (University of Rochester), Chris Atton (Napier University) and Georgina Born (Oxford University) have already accepted our invitations. We will also be inviting musicians and producers from the contemporary progressive music scene in Europe.

Proposals and deadlines 

Please send paper proposals of up to 300 words, for 20-minute papers, together with a short biography (50 words) of the author. Workshops, panel discussions and poster proposals are also welcome, in which case a brief description of the project would be requested, including the number of people involved, the subject and any relevant information.

Proposals and enquiries must be sent to [email protected], by 25 September 2015. The scientific committee will transmit its answer via email on November 16, 2015.

The conference organising committee is comprised of Chris Atton, Chris Anderton, Adam Behr, Kevin Holm-Hudson, Simon Frith, Philippe Gonin, Sarah Hill, Allan Moore, Christophe Pirenne, Sergio Pisfil, François Ribac and Richard Worth.

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