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Journal of Music, Technology and Education Special Issue: Exploring Audio and Music Technology in Education: Pedagogical, Research and Sociocultural Perspectives

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Journal of Music, Technology and Education Special Issue: ‘Exploring Audio and Music Technology in Education: Pedagogical, Research and Sociocultural Perspectives’

Full paper submission deadline: 1 April 2022

The past decade has seen increased interest in the pedagogical facets of audio engineering, sound design, music technology and related fields. Much of this rising interest in the teaching and learning aspects of sound corresponds to a growing number of institutions offering training options for people interested in the technical, creative, scientific and cultural aspects of audio. However, while the options for learning about such topics have expanded, there remains a dearth of scholarship on the theoretical, sociocultural and interdisciplinary aspects of audio and its connection to teaching and learning in a broad array of institutions. Also, little scholarship has emphasized a professional development model for the educational aspects of audio, particularly for those working with the next generation of practitioners in all educational contexts. What impact do audio and music corporations have on facilities and curricular decision-making? For this Special Issue of the Journal of Music, Technology & Education, the guest editors seek contributions addressing one or more of the topics below:

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Dave Laing (1947-2019)

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In recognition of the status of Dave Laing as a founder of the field of popular music studies and a much respected and loved colleague, as witnessed by the outpouring of tributes across social media and elsewhere, we feel it appropriate on this sad occasion to open a dedicated page of remembrance.

Dave Laing

The following was originally published on Facebook by Dave Hesmondhalgh, and is reproduced here with kind permission.

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David Sanjek (1952-2011)

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This piece on the life and work of David Sanjek was provided to the website by Mark Duffett.

Dave Sanjek

In his lifetime, Professor David Sanjek established himself as a leading international scholar in the burgeoning field of Anglo-American popular music studies. He contributed to the academic discussion of a wide range of topics, including popular music history, copyright law, genre cinema, and popular culture. David’s infectious warmth, compassionate outlook, strategic ability to foster community, scholarly excellence, and experience in the music industry did much to develop the US branch of IASPM. His friend Reebee Garafalo noted that he was the person who “incorporated the US chapter as a tax exempt, non-profit.” On the IASPM-US memorial site, Professor Garafalo added, “Such bureaucratic actions, of course, only begin to scratch the surface of the love and commitment he felt toward IASPM and its members.” David’s final four years, were, however, spent as a global academic based at the University of Salford in England; his untimely passing left a significant legacy on both sides of the Atlantic.

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