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Reggae Research Network: Reggae as/and Transatlantic Musical Culture

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AHRC network 2016-17, Call for Contributions

‘One good thing about music is when it hits you, you feel no pain’ – Bob Marley, ‘Trenchtown rock’ (1973)


This Arts and Humanities Research Council-funded network is a joint initiative between the Translating Cultures theme and the Connected Communities programme, and is open to researchers and partners funded under those areas, as well as to the wider academic and music communities.

Network leads:

  • Prof Charles Forsdick, Liverpool University
  • Prof Paul Gilroy, King’s College, London
  • Prof George McKay, University of East Anglia.

The network’s programme of activities explores the neglected important popular music, political, religious culture of reggae. It will interrogate questions of:

  • race & identity
  • poetics, orature & language
  • music & (post-)subculture
  • musicians’ experiences and careers
  • sound and recording techniques
  • the practice of dub, sound system culture
  • politics, Babylon
  • Rastafarianism, faith and religion in music
  • narcotic (musical) cultures
  • masculinity and gender; women in reggae
  • related musical forms, from ska and bluebeat to ragga, dancehall, grime
  • white reggae, white Rastas
  • Caribbean and diasporic sonicities
  • anglophone and francophone reggaes
  • transatlantic transmission, translation, reception and refiguration.

Network events

We are holding three events over the next 12 months. These are:

  • 25 January 2017 – an initial symposium at University of East Anglia, Norwich, scoping the field.
  • 19 May 2017 (tbc) – a symposium at Liverpool University, in association with the Institute of Popular Music.
  • Autumn 2017 – an industry, musicians and researchers conference in London.

Speakers and network participants include

Paul Carr, University of South Wales
Sara Cohen, University of Liverpool
Jez Collins, Birmingham City University
Charles Forsdick, University of Liverpool
Paul Gilroy, King’s College London
George McKay, University of East Anglia
Caspar Melville, SOAS, Bass Culture
Mykaell Riley, University of Westminster, Bass Culture
Les Roberts, University of Liverpool
Matthew J. Smith, University of the West Indies
Rob Strachan, University of Liverpool
Paul Ward, University of Huddersfield
Joy White, Independent Researcher

Get involved

We have space available for further speakers and other kinds of contributions (e.g. musical) for our first meeting at UEA in January. Please get in touch with a short description (max. 200 words) of your contribution and title to [email protected] by 8th December if this interests and excites you.


Travel and accommodation costs for speakers and contributors will be covered by the network.

Further information

For enquiries and abstracts please contact Jessica Knights, Connected Communities administrator, University of East Anglia at [email protected]

Website and social media

Reggae Network:       http://reggaenetwork.wordpress.com
Twitter:                      @reggae_network

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