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Recent approaches to sound and music in Spanish audiovisual media

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Editors: Teresa Fraile & Eduardo Viñuela

Music and the moving image have traditionally been two separated academic fields in Spain. It was difficult to find musicologists dealing with audiovisual texts, as it was hard to find serious references to music in media studies research. Nevertheless, in the last ten years this panorama has began to change, and the interaction between both disciplines gave rise to interesting approaches that contributed to analyse audiovisual production from new perspectives. Nowadays, the academia is paying attention to the specificity of music in Spanish audiovisual products. It will be, therefore, profitable, to analyse the different approaches used to develop that study in our country.

This special issue of Music, Sound, and the Moving Image aims to put together different perspectives in the study of music and audiovisual phenomena in Spain, in order to offer a state of the question and to highlight the key points of several works in progress that will spot future approaches. We are looking for contributions addressing the relation of music and the moving image in Spain, concerning not only music and cinema, but also music in other media such as music video, television, videogames, etc. We are also interested in contributions dealing with music and Spanish identity in these media, analysis of Spanish music in particular audiovisual genres, and historical perspectives concerning the evolution of music and audiovisual studies in Spain.

For this special issue of MSMI, the editors seek two types of submissions: full length essays (approximately 7500 words) and short position papers (1000-1500 words). The deadline for these submissions is 1 March 2010.


Eduardo Viñuela: [email protected]

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