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Punk and Marginalised Identities

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This is a call for submissions for a special edition of the Punk and Post Punk Journal on Punk and Marginalised Identities

Punk is subversive, providing a platform for the disenfranchised to ‘shout back’. Throughout its history – and in the present – the punk scene has been shaped by its DIY ethos and spirit of self-invention and empowerment. Punk has helped many from marginalised groups to discover and enact revolutionary politics.

Punk’s inclusivity means it sometimes acts as an interface between diverse groups. However, this very proximity can mean that tensions arise. Rather than being divorced from wider social inequalities, punk replicates racist, sexist, homophobic and ablest norms. This sits in contradiction to its nurturing and empowerment of marginalised groups.

We invite submissions from academics, independent scholars and anyone with a serious, critical view of the field to explore this topic and begin a discussion of these complex issues. This journal special issue cannot speak to every marginalised identity or experience, however, it seeks to present a variety of perspectives as an initial intervention in self-critical punk scholarship.

Topics could include, but are not restricted to, one or multiple of the following:

  • Trans and non-binary
  • Women
  • Ethnicity, race and/or migration status
  • Dis/ability
  • Sexuality
  • Class struggle
  • Fatness
  • Intersex

Abstracts of 200-300 words in length should be sent to the guest editors of this special edition by Tuesday 31st July 2018.

Full articles will be due Monday 1st October 2018. Articles should be between 6000 and 8000 words in length but we also welcome relevant items, reviews and interviews that specifically relate to the topic.

Kirsty Lohman – [email protected]
Anita Raghunath – [email protected]

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