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Pop Cultures, Fan Studies, and Creative Industries

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Whether it’s fans creating friendship-bracelets to exchange at Taylor Swift concerts, dressing up in pink because of Barbie, or dancing to Anitta’s hit Envolver on TikTok, fans trying to end Britney Spears’ conservatorship… pop culture and its fandoms are thriving in today’s Creative Industries. In this special issue of the Brazilian Creative Industries Journal, we aim to explore the intersection of Pop Cultures, Fan Studies, and the Creative Industries. We invite and encourage submissions discussing recent developments linking these themes together. We are interested in papers that explore the following topics, but are not limited to them:

  • The production, consumption, and circulation of pop culture in the today’s Creative Industries
  • The role of fans in shaping and transforming pop culture (e.g. toxic fandom) in the Creative Industries
  • Pop culture, fandom, and questions or challenges of representation, identity, and social change (e.g., race, gender, sexuality, class, disability) in the Creative Industries
  • Pop culture, fandom and new technologies or platforms in the Creative Industries
  • Pop culture, fandom, and globalization in the Creative Industries

We particularly encourage submissions that discuss these topics from diverse perspectives and parts of the world, using a variety of theoretical and methodological approaches. We are also interested in papers that are creative and innovative in their presentation.

Submission guidelines:

Full papers should be 6,000-8,000 words in length, including references.

  • Papers can be written in English, Portuguese, or Spanish
  • Papers should be formatted in accordance with the Brazilian Creative Industries Journal style guide.
  • Full Papers should be submitted to [[email protected] ] by 02/20th/2024 .
  • Results of approvals until 05/01st/2024
  • Expected Publication by 06/01st/2024

Guest editors: Adriana Amaral (Universidade Paulista) & Simone Driessen (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Editor in chief: Vanessa Amália Dalpizol Valiati

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