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Perfect Beat Special ‘Riffs’ Issue: COVID-19, Music and the Asia-Pacific

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Perfect Beat journal invites contributions to a special edition of short-form ‘Riff’ articles, typically 2000 words, to document the state of music research in the Asia-Pacific region during the COVID-19 pandemic. A Riff is a blind peer-reviewed article that is flexible in format, allowing for a range of novel and creative approaches to scholarly writing, as well as prompt responses to pertinent issues.

Previous Riffs in Perfect Beat have been interviews with musicians or industry figures, critical reflections of an author’s experiences, comparative reviews of musical works, and co/multi-authored exchanges. Our special issue expands this criteria to include other creative approaches, such as photographic essays, personal narratives, position statements, industry summaries, and/or post-pandemic solutions. Proposals for other creative scholarly approaches are welcomed.

To fit the scope of the journal, our geographical area of interest is the Asia-Pacific.

Topics for this special issue may include:

  • Virtual Musical Connections:
    • How does media technology contribute to a continuation of pre-pandemic musical life?
    • Reviews of streamed online ‘iso concerts’ and other music related content
    • TikTok, Twitch, Fortnite… music and the platforms of the pandemic
    • How artists use social media to connect with fans during the pandemic
  • Live Music:
    • Review of socially-distanced concerts and similar music events
    • Government policies surrounding post-lockdown live music venues
    • The response from funding bodies to reinvigorate or support music and the arts
    • Impact on scenes at a local or global level
  • An Academic in a Pandemic:
    • Teaching music courses in the online environment; sharing novel approaches, challenges and successes
    • Creative pivots for your music research
    • Impact on research cultures in your areas – motivations, logistics, funding
    • Work/life balance, especially for parents
  • A Postgrad in a Pandemic:
    • How the pandemic has impacted postgraduate music students
    • Music Postgrad pivoting for writing/fieldwork/research
    • How are music postgrads, especially international students, supporting each other during this time?
  • Mental Health
    • Support initiatives from the music industry
    • Health and wellbeing of music students and colleagues
  • First Person Impact
    • Interviews with musicians and other industry practitioners about COVID-19 restrictions
    • Songs/music about and inspired by COVID-19
    • The “iso album” phenomenon
    • Case studies on organised responses; ‘I Lost My Gig’ / ‘Save Our Venues’ campaigns
    • Grass roots initiatives, community responses
  • Science denial and conspiracy theories surrounding COVID-19 and music
  • Other topics related to music and COVID-19 in the Asia-Pacific region

Word Limits:

We ask for 2000 words for final articles, including references. Please contact the editors if you are proposing a longer word length.

Blind Peer Review

All Riffs will be blind peer reviewed.


  • 200 word abstract proposal due; email to [email protected] by Monday 7th December 5pm AEST
  • Authors advised of outcome: Wednesday 9th December
  • Full articles due: Friday 12th February 2021
  • Review process: February-April 2021
  • Publication: May 2021

For information about Perfect Beat journal, please visit our new website: https://journal.equinoxpub.com/PB/about or contact the editors if you have further questions.

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