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Nostalgia and Song: Production, Text, Reception and the Quest for Home

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Call for Chapters

This book will explore a neglected aspect of scholarship surrounding the study of song—its relationship with nostalgia and notions of ‘home’.  All of the chapters will examine these factors from the perspective of ‘production’, ‘text’ and/or ‘reception, as alluded to by scholars such as Longhurst (1995) and Nattiez (1990). Potential contributors are encouraged to explore these themes either individually or dialogically.

Examples of the Production theme include questions such as:

  • What are the relationships between nostalgia and creativity in songs about home?
  • How are nostalgic production techniques used in song construction?
  • How is nostalgia used as a form of commercialism in songs about home?
  • How are post Marxist ideas used to ‘haunt’ songs about home?
  • How has covid influenced the construction of nostalgic songs about home?

Examples of the Text theme include questions such as:

  • Case studies of nostalgic songs or albums about home
  • Musicological analysis of the nostalgic trends of songwriters, songs or albums
  • ‘Escape and return’ narratives in songs or albums about home
  • Examinations of nostalgic dysphoria songs about home
  • Post Modern and ‘virtual’ considerations of nostalgic songwriting about home – for example the nostalgic impacts of merging time, place and space

Finally, the Reception theme facilitates authors to examine song via more nostalgic narratives from the perspective of audiences, or indeed more personally, via more subjective perspectives.

The book will be divided into three sections as outlined above and scholars are invited to submit proposals of 300 words that address the given themes.

Accepted chapters will be no more than 6500 (including bibliography and footnotes)


  • Proposals submitted by October 10th 2023, to [email protected].
  • Decisions communicated by November 7th 2023
  • Accepted and edited chapters finalised by October 7th 2024
  • Proposed date of publication –  Early 2025

A book proposal (including 2 substantive chapters) has already been sent out to Bloomsbury, who have expressed enthusiastic interest with the intension of sending it out for peer review.

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