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NOISE & SILENCE Themed Issue ‘URBAN / RURAL’, Summer 2016

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NOISE & SILENCE is an adventurous publication that brings you fresh and informed pieces on issues facing all kinds of music and sound as conceptualised in today’s 21st century society. The project was founded in November 2015 by Oxford University students, and our team has now expanded to include graduates, post-graduates, and early-career researchers across the UK. Our aim is to create a platform that bridges the gap between music lovers and cutting-edge music research.

NOISE & SILENCE will relaunch in Summer 2016. We are currently looking for submissions for our new, curated themed editions. The aim of these themed compilations will be to provoke discussions and reactions to nuanced discourses across disciplines. We hope this challenges conventional binaries on popular topics of research through academic and creative responses.

Our current theme for summer 2016 is: URBAN / RURAL.

We’re looking for a variety of submissions – visual, textual, and musical – to create a rich, diverse, and interdisciplinary response to the theme. These include four suggested styles of response: Keynote articles (1500-2000 words), Comment articles (shorter, more creative, blog-style pieces, 600-800 words), Lists (interpreted fluidly as playlists, listicles, photography, artwork, or creative non-fiction) and Music (compositions, in various formats).

KEYNOTE ARTICLES (1500-2000 words):

We invite submissions of accessible, academic articles. The aim for these articles will be to open up debate, provoke discussion, and inspire conversation and ideas. We’re looking for informed, thoroughly researched articles. Contributions should have a clear argument and show a sense of opening up or contributing to a debate. These keynote features will provide considered interpretations of the theme URBAN/RURAL.

COMMENT ARTICLES (600-800 words):

We also invite submissions of shorter, blog-style pieces. These will be sharp, focused posts on a single specific point in response to the theme, illuminating a particular viewpoint. We encourage the use of multimedia and links to digital resources.

LISTS (upper limit 2000 words):

We’re looking for a diverse range of creative lists, playlists, thought-provoking listicles, creative non-fiction, artwork and photography related to the theme ‘URBAN/RURAL’.


Send us your SoundCloud compositions, A4 scores (graphic or otherwise); commentaries on your songwriting, music writing, and musicking practices.

The deadline for pitching ideas for URBAN / RURAL is 31st May 2016, with final submissions due by 1st July 2016. In your pitch, please include a brief biography or short CV, along with a preference of submission format (i.e. a longer ‘Keynote’ article, a shorter, blog-style ‘Comment’ article, or an alternative creative response).

NOISE & SILENCE continues to welcome other submissions outside of the reach of the curated themes on a rolling basis. Please submit all queries, pitches and submissions to [email protected].

The following theme will be: NUMBERS & LETTERS.


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