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New short-form music book series

Posted: May 3rd, 2024 | Filed under: Calls for Papers | Comments Off on New short-form music book series

This is a Call for Proposals for a new short-form series of peer-reviewed books related to any aspect of music business or its intersections with technology or culture.

As you will see from the blurb below, the series is open to a range of theoretical approaches and foci, but with the overall intention to build a series of research-informed texts that enhance our understanding and knowledge of music business related topics in a global context.


The Anthem Impact in Music Business, Technology and Culture series showcases original scholarly research exploring the dynamic intersections of music business, technology and culture. Each work in the series is limited to 20,000 to 30,000 words. Delving into management and marketing strategies for artists and enterprises, including digital distribution and social media engagement, it navigates legal, contractual and copyright advancements. In addition, the series addresses the welfare of music industry professionals and creatives, while examining their intersections with audiences, fans and broader media contexts. Proposals from diverse territories and genres are encouraged, provided they contribute to global discourse. The series is tailored for a scholarly audience and professionals within the music industry.

We welcome submissions of proposals for challenging and original works from emerging and established scholars and practitioners that meet the criteria of our series. We make prompt editorial decisions. Our titles are published in digital and print editions and are subject to peer review by recognized authorities in the field. Should you wish to send in a proposal, please contact us at: [email protected].

Alternatively, if you have any questions or want to discuss an idea you have, please email me at [email protected].