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New Approaches to Sound, Music, and Media

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Bloomsbury’s New Approaches to Sound, Music, and Media is a series of research monographs dedicated to changing our understandings of sound, image, and their relations across media. Today’s media are shaped by digital technologies, new modes of production and consumption, varied platforms, genre blendings, and globalized economic networks. These media demand new theoretical and aesthetic responses. This series seeks surprising, interdisciplinary work that explores the intersections between popular, mainstream, avant-garde, classical and post-classical forms of audiovisual media. Approaches from the disciplines of dance, neuroscience, and philosophy, to name but a few, are welcome. Underexamined historical topics and non-western socioeconomic and technological contexts may help us understand our present moment, and we encourage these proposals as well.

Possible topics include approaches to practice (authorial and collaborative innovations, intermedia, transmedia and remediation); interdisciplinary explorations of new forms, genres and aesthetics; and historical and contextual studies of artists, composers, and performers. Fast-breaking topics, like music and big data, augmented reality, the cyborg, and AI are also encouraged. We hope our commitments to innovative historical, contemporary, and future-oriented work will encourage greater responsiveness to our present moment.

  • Transmedia
  • Digital media and the music industry
  • Convergence culture and the new audiovisual turn
  • Expanded music video and participatory culture
  • YouTube and online music platforms
  • Live performance and new-media culture
  • Virtual and augmented realities
  • Intermedia
  • Advertising
  • Post-classical theatre and dance
  • Laptop art
  • Postclassical film
  • Gaming
  • Fans as creators
  • Cultural re-working, appropriation and transformative creative works
  • New indigenous approaches to Sound, Music and Media
  • Pre-cinematic audiovisual technologies
  • Audiovisual activism
  • Sound, music and media as agents of cultural and political change

Please send proposals to [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected].

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