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Music, Multiculturalism and the Postcolonial Condition

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Summer school for doctoral candidates, Music Archive JAPA, Helsinki 3–4 July 2017

As global migration alters societal and cultural conditions, musical practices and environments transmute. The global postcolonial condition is indeed clearly visible and audible in myriad forms of music that evince the pervasiveness of racialisation, parochialism and banal nationalism, while at the same celebrating creative hybridity, multicultural authenticities and cultural encounters. Music provides a rich source and platform for postcolonial studies not only because of its identity politics but also on the grounds of its political economy, as demonstrated by the central role of music in global cultural industries and transnational labour arrangements.

To address these issues, as well as any other aspect of music and postcolonial studies, doctoral candidates working with relevant topics are hereby invited to participate in a summer school. In the summer school, all takes on and strands of multiculturalism and postcolonial studies are welcome, with no limitations as to the musical repertoire or geographical location. Possible topics include but are not limited to:

  • musical exoticism and other aesthetic aspects of sonorous, visual and corporeal musical postcolonialism;
  • music in the riptides of national belonging and cultural hybridity;
  • music and diasporic experiences;
  • postcolonial music historiography.

As the aim of the summer school is to support the preparation of doctoral candidates’ theses, the working method consists of in-depth discussions on the basis of article or chapter drafts circulated in advance. The summer school will also include open lectures by the supervisors: Professor Tina K. Ramnarine, Adjunct Professor Antti-Ville Kärjä and Dr Elina Seye.

The summer school invites applications internationally, but as the number of participants is limited, doctoral students from the Nordic countries will be prioritised. The selection of participants will be based on the applications that should include, preferably in pdf:

  • An abstract outlining the topic, approach and (tentative) findings of the paper to be presented; the length of the abstract should be 300–500 words.
  • A short presentation of the presenter and her/his overall research topic with its theoretical orientation, methods and materials; the maximum length of the presentation is 500 words.

Upon acceptance of the application, the participants will be asked to deliver a full article or chapter draft of 5000–8000 words, to be circulated amongst the participants well in advance. The deadline for the applications is 1 March 2017. Notifications of acceptance will be sent by 10 March, and the deadline for full papers is 5 June 2017.

The applications as well as all enquiries should be sent to summer school secretary Mr Jouni Eerola ([email protected]).

The summer school is free of charge, comestibles included. Unfortunately there will be no financial support available for travels and accommodation. The summer school is organised by Music Archive JAPA, the research project ”Music, Multiculturality and Finland” (funded by the Academy of Finland), and the Finnish Society for Ethnomusicology.

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