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Moving Keys: Player Pianos in the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America

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The research concerning player pianos and reproducing pianos has grown recently. However, it is still underrepresented, given its cultural relevance. Furthermore, most works focus on Anglo-American contexts. This volume strives to make the research carried out in the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America visible; there, research groups, independent researchers, and collectors have been working for a long time on these issues. We welcome contributions of scholars and collectors from within and outside academia to enrich our perspective on player pianos and reproducing pianos in the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America.
Potential areas for contributions include (but are not limited to) how player pianos and/or piano rolls intersect with:

  • Case studies
  • Composers and pianists
  • Performance studies
  • Reception and consumption
  • Technology
  • Cataloguing and documenting
  • Relationship between pianolas and other media (cinema, for example)
  • Power relationships concerning geographies and ethnicities

Please submit abstracts (500 words max.) and a short biography (100 words max. per author) before December 1st, 2023 to the editors:
Jordi Roquer: [email protected]
João Silva: [email protected]

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