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Modern Music Scenes

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AAG Meetings │ Denver, USA │ April 6-10

Organizers: Patrick Adler (University of Toronto); Richard Florida (University of Toronto); Michael Seman (Colorado State); Jesse Elliott (The Music District) ; Bryce Merrill (The Bohemian Foundation)

Music production predates market exchange and is still at the modern economy’s leading edge. The music industry boasts low barriers to entry, short product cycles, high levels of amateur production and collaboration, and a culture of experimentation. It is sensitive to technological change and has been wholly remade by the printing press, the radio transmitter, amplification, television, digitization. In addition to changing how music is produced, technological change continues to alter how music is distributed and organized. Local music production systems are regularly remade as music continues to evolve.

Papers in this session discuss modern music scenes, defined as local music production networks. We seek papers that consider any aspect of how modern music is produced and consumed in scenes, using any methodology. Economic geographers, human geographers, cultural geographers and urban planning scholars are all encouraged to submit. All papers will be discussed by a senior scholar.

Related Topics

  • The network structure of music scenes
  • Institutional arrangements among musicians and consumers
  • Terms of work for musicians (wages, benefits, employment status)
  • The relationship between music scenes and the local innovation system
  • Urban policy targeted at music venues and music ‘clusters’

This session is sponsored by the Music District and The Economic Geography Specialty Group. Please direct any questions to Patrick Adler ([email protected]).

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