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Migration and subsequent transformation/evolution of music genres and associated subcultures in the 20th and 21st centuries.

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Call for chapters for an edited book

As music genres and associated subcultures travel transnationally, they tend to change to adapt to new audiences’ needs and circumstances. This proposed edited volume examines how different music genres and related subcultures have evolved as they traverse national and geographical borders and intends to unearth the dynamic nature of music and the communities it inspires.

As an example, contributors might want to look at the relationship between free jazz in the US and Europe in the 1960s/70s, at the transmission of reggae from Jamaica to Britain, at the transglobal appeal of hip or hop, or the adoption of skinhead culture in the far east. Attention might turn to punk’s transferal to Eastern Europe or China, or examples of folk music migrating across continents, or western adaptation of music from the far east.

In their contributions, authors can focus on questions/topics including (but not limited to):

  • Characteristics and identity of the audience in the country-of-origin vs the new audience? Did the music/subculture cross (or transgress) the lines of race, class, gender, and sexuality?
  • As a music genre/subculture migrated to a new country or area, has it taken on a new (political, social and/or cultural) meaning?
  • Did it travel together with migrants or did the music/subculture travel on its own?
  • Was the music and/or associated subculture adapted to meet the needs, circumstances and expectations of new audiences or to meet the new circumstances of the old audience (in the case of music travelling with migrants)?
  • How are/were these adaptations received by the members of the subculture in the country of origin?
  • How has social media/internet influenced the migration of music and subcultures?

Abstracts of approximately 800 words should state the problem or research question addressed in the proposed chapter, outline the theoretical framework, state the main point or argument of the proposed chapter, and provide a rough indication of the methods and sources you intend to use. Please include a short biography. Authors are encouraged to use oral testimonies (audience & musicians) if available/suitable. Keep in mind that chapters are not about specific bands, but about music genres (and sub-genres) and subcultures. Bands/artists should be discussed within this larger framework.

Please send your abstracts before May 20 to Matt Worley ([email protected]) or Elke Weesjes ([email protected]).

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