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Mid-Atlantic Popular and American Culture Association (MAPACA) annual meeting

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The Mid-Atlantic Popular and American Culture Association (MAPACA) will hold its annual meeting in Baltimore, Maryland from November 8-10, 2018. The CFP deadline is June 30, 2018.

The MAPACA Music Area aims to study and advance understandings of the relationship between music and popular culture in various contexts. The area is open to many disciplines and scholarly perspectives. Presenters are encouraged to submit their best work on any topic related to the music of the America’s. This may include but is not limited to:

  • Ethnomusicology and Applied Ethnomusicology
  • Acoustemology
  • Ecomusicology
  • Musicology and Music History
  • Sound studies
  • Composition
  • Music technology
  • Sound recording and technology
  • Recording Culture
  • Music psychology
  • Music physiology
  • Artists, albums, or songs
  • Genres/Subgenres
  • Cultures/Subcultures
  • Music and Mass Media
  • Music Journalism or Criticism
  • Music Scenes (local, translocal and virtual)
  • Music and/as Commerce
  • Music Industry
  • Music education and pedagogy
  • Performance or performativity
  • Identity Studies
  • Local/Global Music Culture(s)
  • Music and Multi-Media Studies
  • Film Music
  • Music in Anime
  • Music and Gaming
  • Radio and Audio Media History/Studies
  • Music in Animation
  • Music, Advertising and Consumption
  • Indigenous people and POC in Popular Music

Panels of 3 or 4 presenters, single papers, roundtables, or alternative formats are encouraged.

For details about the submission process, and topics, please visit: https://mapaca.net/areas/music. Please send general questions and/or inquires to this area using the “Email area chairs” link.

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