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Maximising student compositional and performance creativity within Higher Popular Music Education (HPME) courses.

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Michael Tippett Centre, Bath Spa University, 24th February, 2018.

CFP: deadline for submissions 15 December, 2017

Keynote Speakers: Cliff Jones (BIMM, Gay Dad, Radiophonic Workshop); Dr Louise Jackson (Trinity Laban), Drew Morgan (BIMM, Halo 4, Davidge, Modulus iii)


‘As a relatively new HE discipline, and the (largely) orally transmitted nature of the music, the teaching is still, I feel, being explored and developed.’ (Respondent cited in Cloonan and Hulstedt, 2012)

Since the amalgamation of new universities in 1992 the development of Higher Popular Music Education courses has increasingly expanded, with there now being 47 institutes or universities that have undergraduate popular music courses (Cloonan and Hulstedt, 2012). There has been research centered around creative pedagogies within Higher Popular Music Education (Burnard,2012; Haddon et al, 2016; Parkinson and Smith, 2015) and this is an opportunity to collate and collect practices that have influenced the development of student musicians within Universities and Institutes which teach popular music. With the rise in student fees and constant changes to the current popular music industry, it now seems more vital than ever to look at pedagogical practices and philosophies, to see if student creativity is being maximised. Are the Universities and Institutes that deliver HPME helping to develop popular musicians who will make a creative impact on the current popular music industry?

This symposium aims to discuss practices and research around pedagogical philosophies and techniques, utilised within current HPME. It would also be pertinent to see if there are practices from other disciplines that could be utilised to aid development of the new breed of musicians. The event is aimed at discussing reflections from students and lecturers on their experiences and research around the creative development of artists within popular music study. There will be presentations, live classroom re-enactment, a roundtable discussion, and music performances. This event will be situated in the Michael Tippett Centre at Bath Spa University.

The keynote speakers are all professional popular musicians who have developed progressive and inclusive music education practices, aimed at maximising student creative practice.


  • The development of innovative composition and band practices in HPME
  • The utilisation of Improvisation in HPME
  • Pedagogical philosophies and practices from other disciplines such as art, literature, dance etc..
  • Curriculum development within HPME aimed at enhancing student compositional and performance creativity


20-minute papers (plus 10 minutes for questions) are invited on any aspect relevant to the theme of the Symposium.

Proposals for panels of 3–4 papers (1.5–2 hours) on a closely related topic are also warmly welcomed, as are proposals for roundtables (3–5 participants, 1 hour duration). The latter should be thematically integrated and dialogue-based rather than simply a series of unconnected mini-papers.

Note that papers will be expected to offer some critical self-reflection on method, and not merely to set out ground covered in an individual’s own practice. Those that adopt non-traditional formats, or incorporate a practice as research component, will be warmly welcomed.

Abstracts of no more than 300 words should be e-mailed by 15th December, 2018 to Simon Strange, [email protected] (enquiries to the same address). Decisions will be communicated to speakers by 20thJanuary 2018

Organising Committee: Simon Strange (Bath Spa University, Chair), Dr Tom Parkinson(University of Kent)

Symposium Supporters: International Association for the Study of Popular Music (IASPM) and Bath Spa University

Further information:  [email protected]

Event Details:

Location – Michael Tippett Centre, Bath Spa University, Newton St Loe, BA2 9BN
Date – 24.2.2018
Refreshments provided but lunch extra
Fee – free

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