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Journal of Music, Technology and Education Special Issue: Exploring Audio and Music Technology in Education: Pedagogical, Research and Sociocultural Perspectives

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Journal of Music, Technology and Education Special Issue: ‘Exploring Audio and Music Technology in Education: Pedagogical, Research and Sociocultural Perspectives’

Full paper submission deadline: 1 April 2022

The past decade has seen increased interest in the pedagogical facets of audio engineering, sound design, music technology and related fields. Much of this rising interest in the teaching and learning aspects of sound corresponds to a growing number of institutions offering training options for people interested in the technical, creative, scientific and cultural aspects of audio. However, while the options for learning about such topics have expanded, there remains a dearth of scholarship on the theoretical, sociocultural and interdisciplinary aspects of audio and its connection to teaching and learning in a broad array of institutions. Also, little scholarship has emphasized a professional development model for the educational aspects of audio, particularly for those working with the next generation of practitioners in all educational contexts. What impact do audio and music corporations have on facilities and curricular decision-making? For this Special Issue of the Journal of Music, Technology & Education, the guest editors seek contributions addressing one or more of the topics below:

  • graduate teaching and research in audio education;
  • diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in audio education;
  • improving the quality of teaching and learning in audio education;
  • sociocultural, historical and interdisciplinary aspects of audio education;
  • limitations of a technocratic model of pedagogy in audio education;
  • education-industry partnerships in promoting communities of learning and practice;
  • impact of professionalization and standardization of curriculum by corporations;
  • audio education as an emerging academic field for research and practice;
  • global perspectives on audio education;
  • social media, online communities and informal learning;
  • pandemic-related case studies including hybrid/online learning strategies; and
  • school-based (elementary, secondary, high school) and community-based learning perspectives/collaborations.

Other topics relating to audio education are also welcome. Please submit full papers by 1 April 2022 via the journal’s page (which can be found here). Expected publication date in late 2022 or early 2023. Questions about the CFP are welcome and may be addressed to Daniel Walzer at [email protected].

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