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IASPM UK/Ireland Zine Spring 2022

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Call for Submissions

Welcome to the biannual zine of IASPM UK/Ireland published in the Spring and Autumn. Our zine aims to cultivate communication and collaboration between our members and to showcase our work to the broader community. Each issue will contain information on conferences and upcoming events, member achievements and publications, and four short-form feature columns: Pop Pedagogies; Stop, Look, Listen; Hot Topic; and Conference Commentary. Each prompt encourages micro-pieces–concise, accessible, and/or experimental forms of writing.

The IASPM UK/Ireland executive invites contributions from all of our members. We especially welcome the contributions of pop thinkers from marginalised groups, postgraduate students, early career researchers, un- and under-employed scholars, creative practitioners, and music industry specialists.

Pop Pedagogies offers ideas and innovations for those in the classroom. The column is a space to suggest possibilities for syllabi, assignments, research-led teaching, student-centered learning, and general pedagogical reflection (max: 500 words).

Stop, Look, Listen celebrates voices that are all too often left out of musical narratives and simultaneously provides historical context for why discussions of gender, sexuality, race, class, and ability in music continue to matter. The column spotlights historically significant albums or tracks by marginalised musicians (max: 500 words).

Hot Topic invites soundbite interviews between IASPM UK/Ireland members on current issues in pop. Want to know what Sarah Hill makes of the Spotify boycotts? What about Monique Charles’s rumination on recent performances and awardees at the BRITs? Ask them! We will prioritise submissions that foster teamwork between contributors with a diversity of perspectives and experiences (max: 500 words).

Conference Commentary takes the temperature of recent pop gatherings. Contributions include summary, highlights, and personal take aways (max: 500 words).

Please contact zine editor [email protected] if you have any questions or ideas for submissions! You may use the following form to submit under the appropriate category.

Submission deadlines: 1 April (Spring) and 1 October (Autumn)

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