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IASPM UK and Ireland Postgraduate Conference 2013: The Cultural Value of Popular Music

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5th and 6th September, University of Glasgow

The 2013 IASPM UK and Ireland postgraduate conference, to be held at the University of Glasgow, invites papers exploring the cultural value of popular music.  In light of the AHRC’s recently launched two-year Cultural Value Project (www.ahrc.ac.uk/funded-research/funded-themes-and-programmes/cultural-value-project), the conference will focus on both the experience of popular music and the economic and social benefits such an experience provides.

The conference committee welcomes and encourages proposals for papers and other research-led contributions from postgraduate researchers on the following (but not exclusive) themes:

  • Construction of identity
  • Popular music and heritage
  • Economics of popular music
  • Popular music and tourism
  • Social interaction (on- and offline)
  • Public policy and rationales for funding popular music initiatives
  • Impacts of popular music education
  • Value of live music (performance or reception)
  • Cultural value of popular music with regard to gender, race etc.
  • Effects of popular music on a locality
  • Negative impacts of popular music

In addition, the conference committee welcomes proposals not directly related to the conference theme.


We invite abstracts of no more than 200 words to be submitted to the conference committee using the form located at:


by Friday 28th June 2013.

Please specify the format of your proposed contribution:

– Research paper (20 minutes)
– Pecha Kucha presentation (consists of 20 slides, each shown for exactly 20 seconds, so the entire presentation will therefore last 6 minutes and 40 seconds  – see www.pechakucha.org)
– Poster presentation

The programmme will feature a keynote speaker, panel discussion and evening activities.

There is no conference fee, however, delegates will be required to join IASPM if they are not already members.

For further information please contact [email protected] or follow the event’s blog at http://iaspmpg.blogspot.com.

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