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IASPM UK and Ireland Postgraduate Conference 2013: The Cultural Value of Popular Music

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5th and 6th September, University of Glasgow

The 2013 IASPM UK and Ireland postgraduate conference, to be held at the University of Glasgow, invites papers exploring the cultural value of popular music.  In light of the AHRC’s recently launched two-year Cultural Value Project (www.ahrc.ac.uk/funded-research/funded-themes-and-programmes/cultural-value-project), the conference will focus on both the experience of popular music and the economic and social benefits such an experience provides.

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Bridge Over Troubled Waters: Challenging Orthodoxies

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IASPM 17th Biennial Conference
24-28 June 2013
Universidad de Oviedo
Place: Gijón, Spain

The popular music studies field in all its inter-disciplinarity has been characterised by encounter, dialogue and exchange, and also by tension. Our title ‘Bridge Over Troubled Waters’ takes the triple metaphor of bridge, inferring meetings and communication; trouble, indicating stresses and power struggles; and water, indicating flow and travel, as fertile themes for debate at the 17th Biennial IASPM Conference. We propose five streams (TRACKS) dealing with popular music and history, marginality, copyright, collectivities, and space. Extending across all streams is the topic of technology.

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Biennial IASPM-UK/Ireland conference: Imagining Communities Musically: Putting Popular Music in its Place

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Biennial IASPM-UK/Ireland conference
September 5-7, 2012

Media City UK, Salford Quays, Manchester

Albion … Chocolate City … Highway 61 … Route 66 … Wonderland … Strawberry Fields … the Crossroads … Beale Street … Haight Ashbury … Music City U.S.A.

Popular music has always been affiliated with physical places, both literal and imaginary. It is one of the ways that the inhabitants of those locations define both their residence and themselves. To borrow the components of the title of Benedict Anderson’s widely read book, one of the most telling ways communities imagine themselves is acoustically. An indissoluble connection exists between musical expression and geography, both the landscape of actual locale and that conjured up by the mind. The persistent academic interest in the notion of scenes reflects this set of circumstances. So too does the research that examines how the state defines itself sonically and, in some cases, pursues its objectives with the assistance of acoustic apparatus, as in the torture of prisoners by a barrage of undesired sound. In addition, there are those composers, performers, compositions and performance practices that are thought to be quintessential expressions of states, peoples or defined populations.

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IASPM postgrad conference programme and registration form

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Here are two documents for download that will prove useful for those intending to take part in the IASPM postgrad conference June 9-10, 2011:

IASPM postgrad conference registration form

IASPM postgrad conference programme


Inaugural IASPM postgraduate conference

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The inaugural IASPM postgraduate conference at the University of Liverpool invites papers on the stories we tell about popular music. We are interested particularly in illuminating how the intersection of story with study produces a contested space filled with a multitude of views. It is precisely this multitude we find fruitful for investigation.

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