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Human and More-than-Human Entanglements:  Popular Music Performance, Education, and Technologies

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Location: Bansomdejchaopraya Rajabhat University, Thailand
Dates: 25-27 July 2024
Organisers: International Association for the Study of Popular Music – Southeast Asia and Inter-Asia Popular Music Studies Group

Currently, there is a wealth of research on how humans engage with each other in popular music. However, less has been explored in popular music studies regarding interactions with non-human or more-than-human entities. The more-than-human is understood as one that is both internally and externally experienced, with an emphasis on positionality within and beyond the human body. In music studies, explorations of the more-than-human can be observed in the growing interdisciplinary fields of musicology, ethnomusicology, ecomusicology and multispecies ethnography (Allen, 2013; Titon, 2013; Allen & Dawe, 2016) – especially that of indigenous sonic worlds, traditional music, and current discourses on virtual world(s). As such, this call poses the following query: How does Southeast Asian popular music directly deal with more-than-human relationships as a fundamental part of being in the world alongside producing and performing strategies of place-making and musicking?

This conference looks to explore tangential modes of how we relate to and situate ourselves in the world by considering the diverse aspects of popular music research. The theme proposes an examination of human and more-than-human sonic entanglements, their perception, adoption, and embodiment in cultures, practices, institutions and disciplines. This trajectory endeavours to facilitate holistic discussions around music’s interdisciplinary nature by introducing novel and contemporary approaches, solutions and questions that exist within and beyond Southeast Asia. Additionally, this conference aims to foster collaborative deliberations and conceptualisations among researchers to address such human and more-than-human entanglements through virtual, ethnographic, pedagogical, virtual and the numerous modalities that comprise the evolving field of popular music studies and beyond.

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