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Everyday is Spatial 2023

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‘Everyday is Spatial’ (EiS) is an event designed to encourage and explore creativity in the making of audio and immersive experiences. The presentation and discussion of works will enable practitioners to reveal the potentials, challenges and uses for how spatial audio will define the everyday audio experience.

EiS ran for the first time in June 2022 presenting a diverse range of practices all centred around applications of spatial audio. With 30+ presentations, performances and installations from an international submission list, it established the need and demand for practitioners and academics to share their research and interest in this evolving field.

For the 2023 ‘Everyday is Spatial’ conference, we invite all practitioners working in this medium to share work, ideas and experiences to generate discussion and debate.

The conference aims to address the following themes:

  • Spatial audio practices in music production – emerging discourses in composing for spatial and spatialising production.
  • Immersive storytelling in journalism, theatre, film and games – spatialisation as a narrative device, issues of authenticity, realism, hyperrealism.
  • Soundscape, ecomusicology and renewed environmentalism – field recording and immersive listening.
  • Immersive events – sound systems, immersive spaces, and emerging paradigms for spatialising live performance and sound design at events.
  • Spatial audio and audiovisual practice – emerging discourses and explorations of spatial audio in the context of screen media, projection and installation.

We are interested in a broad range of creative contexts where spatial audio is a critical factor, and we welcome considerations of how it might be enabling your practice and research in a variety of ways.

At the University of Gloucestershire we have various spaces designed to enable staff, researchers and students to explore the affordances of spatial audio practices. Facilities for 22.2 / 7.1.4 / 7.2.4 / 5.1 and Binaural playback along with audiovisual capabilities for screen media with ATMOS, Projections, and VR platforms.

For more details of call for works and submission please see: https://www.uogimmersiveaudio.com

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