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Emerald Studies in Metal Music and Culture

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Series editors – Rosemary Lucy Hill and Keith Kahn-Harris

We are delighted to announce the first scholarly book series on heavy metal: Emerald Studies in Metal Music and Culture publishes monographs, edited collections and research books about metal and its associated subgenres within the humanities and social sciences.

Metal music studies has grown enormously over the last eight years from a few scholars writing about heavy metal in sociology and popular music studies, to include hundreds of active scholars working in diverse disciplines. The rise of interest in heavy metal academically reflects the growth of the genre as a normal or contested part of everyday lives around the globe.

The aim and scope of this series is to:

  • To provide a home and focus for the growing number of monographs and edited collections that analyse heavy metal and other heavy music;
  • To publish work that fits within the emergent subject field of metal music studies, that is, work that is critical and inter-disciplinary across the social sciences and humanities;
  • To publish work that is of interest to and enhances wider disciplines and subject fields across social sciences and the humanities;
  • To support the development of new scholars through providing opportunities to convert their doctoral theses into research monographs.

We encourage anyone interested in submitting a proposal on any topic related to metal music and culture to contact the series editors in the first instance. We are particularly interested to receive proposals that deal with metal outside of Europe and North America, but are happy to discuss any ideas that fit within the broad scope of the series aims.

Rosemary Hill – [email protected]

Keith Kahn-Harris – [email protected]

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