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East Asian Popular Music

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Call for Papers for Popular Music Special Issue

Popular Music announces a Call for Papers for a Special Issue on East Asian Popular Music. We are particularly interested in submissions which address the transnational production and circulation of East Asian Popular Music both within and outside the East Asian region as a result of processes of globalisation and digitalisation; the new ways that popular music is being configured in relation to politics, society and technology under the legacy of Anglo-American political and cultural hegemony; the rise and decline of globalism; and (post)colonialism. These themes might include, for example, the impact of Japanese pop culture since the 1990s, the advancement of the Korean Wave (Hanryu) phenomenon in the 2000s, and the rise of pop culture in China. We wish to prioritise research which is exploring the way music is crossing existing borders and blurring previous musical and cultural boundaries.


This issue will be the first special collection concerned with East Asian Popular Music since the Special Issue in 1991 (vol. 10/3) which focused on Japanese popular music. In the first instance, we invite abstracts (max. 150 words) outlining the proposed paper’s content, to reach us by 1 July 2010 (please send to [email protected]).

All submissions will need to be in English. We will publish a maximum of eight papers and we therefore request that submitted papers are between 5,000 to 8,000 words in length.

An accepted abstract does not guarantee that a paper will definitely be published because all submissions will go through the usual refereeing procedures. We would ask you to please pass this information on to others who might be interested.


Sarah Hill (for Popular Music editorial board): Hyunjoon Shin (Guest Editor, South Korea): Tunghung Ho (Guest Editor, Taiwan); Yoshitaka Mori (Guest Editor, Japan).

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