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Creativities, Musicalities, Entrepreneurships

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The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance is hosting its third biennial international conference, in partnership with the Art of Management and Organization. The event will take place at the Institute’s London campus from 4th to 6th September 2014.

The discourse of artists as entrepreneurs has become commonplace in recent years, perhaps especially in higher education, but there is less discussion of entrepreneurs as artists. Notions of what it is to be musical are increasingly challenged by narrow notions of success and the rise of celebrity (Smith 2013). Writers such as Peter Cook in The Music of Business (2012), Richard Sennett (2012), Peter Gloor (2006) and Cartwright, Gillett & Smith (2014) have begun to expand the discourse between these intimately interconnected domains. The time is right to explore creativities, musicalities and entrepreneurships in a vibrant, collaborative environment.

The Institute’s Research Committee invites proposals for spoken papers, performances, workshops, posters, and symposia from across business and the arts, on themes including, but not be limited to:

  • Notions of “creativities”, “musicalities” and “entrepreneurships”
  • Careers in, around, and including the arts
  • Interdisciplinarity, intersectionality, diversity, and collaboration
  • Innovation, and digital media engagement.
  • Entrepreneurship and education
  • Conceptions and constructions of the creative in education

Scholars, graduate students, performance groups, artists, private-sector and social entrepreneurs are invited to submit proposals by the deadline of 8th April 2014. Presenters will be notified of acceptance by 1st May 2014.

Keynote presenters include Pamela Burnard, Reader in Education and Bye Fellow of Homerton College, University of Cambridge. Other Keynote presenters, TBC, will speak on areas of entrepreneurship, music and creativity.

Following the conference, participants will be invited to submit full-length papers to be considered for inclusion in a special issue of peer-reviewed multi-media online journalOrganizational Aesthetics, edited by Gareth Dylan Smith, the conference Chair.

Please submit abstracts via:

All submissions will be reviewed by two members of the review panel, comprising:

Dr Gareth Dylan Smith (Institute of Contemporary Music Performance)
Prof Helena Gaunt (Guildhall School of Music and Drama)
Dr Jenna Ward (DeMontfort University)
Dr Kimberly Campanello (Institute of Contemporary Music Performance)
Mark Hunter (Institute of Contemporary Music Performance)
Tom Parkinson (Institute of Contemporary Music Performance)

For a flavour of the Institute’s 2012 conference – “Rock and Roles: Sociology and Philosophy of Popular Music Education” – please follow this link to a short documentary video.

Registration fee and early-bird date TBA

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