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Communicating Music Scenes: Networks, Power, Technology

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Budapest, 19-20 May 2017

The conference aims to address the relation(ship)s and communication between people, formal and informal institutions, and technologies in the context of music making. Understanding and exploring music scenes as networks can help us to uncover the power relations that affect those scenes, while also leading to a nuanced understanding of the changing technological and media context in which music is produced, disseminated, consumed, and talked about.

We invite papers that address the following themes:

  • Music scenes and formal and informal communication infrastructures in view of the related technologies and economies
  • Music scenes and genres, technology and networks: Social Network Analysis, Actor Network Theory etc.
  • Communication in and about music scenes
  • Power as formal and political, as well as informal and subcultural: inclusion and exclusion
  • Musical diplomacy, music scenes and transnational communication
  • Technology, power and remembering/forgetting music scenes
  • (Sub)cultural and other forms of capital in music scenes
  • Music scenes and DIY media, online and offline
  • Music scenes and digital technology: change and/continuity
  • Underground scenes and the formal music industries: power and democracy
  • Music scenes and society: the reproduction and/or subversion of power structures through technology and communication infrastructures
  • Local – global dynamics and power: the global music industries and local infrastructures
  • Gender, sexuality and music scenes
  • Nation(ality), ethnicity and music scenes
  • Age and music scenes
  • Social class and music scenes

The conference will be held at the Institute of Musicology, Research Center for Humanities, Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Táncsics Mihály u. 7., 1014 Budapest, Hungary), and is jointly organised by the Institute of Musicology and IASPM Hungary.

Deadline for abstracts (250 words) with short bio (50 words): 31 January 2017

Conference website: cms2017.wordpress.com

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