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Classical Music ‘Hyper-Production’ and Practice-As-Research Conference

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30th Jan. 2016

As the culmination to the AHRC funded project on Classical Music ‘Hyper-Production’ and Practice-As-Research, are hosting a combined live/online conference which will include live panel discussions from leading record producers, sound engineers, performers and composers, streamed online from London College of Music, University of West London.

The online conference comprises a series of peer reviewed online paper presentations and a blog. The paper presentations will take the form of a 3000 word text contribution, a 20 minute video presentation, or a slide show with spoken commentary. The blog-based panel discussions will be led by the invited speakers who will respond to the questions and comments of
the online participants.

Proposals are invited on the following topics:

  1. How can performers, record producers, sound engineers and composers work together to develop new sound worlds for live and recorded productions of classical repertoire?
  2. How can performers, record producers, sound engineers and composers work together to develop new work flows and methodologies that will enable new forms of creative practice in the production of live and recorded classical music?
  3. What are parameters for defining and delineating creative interpretation in the performance and production of the classical repertoire?
  4. How can performance, composition and production pedagogy better prepare students to engage with sound reinforcement and recording technology as part of their creative practice?
  5. How do classical music audiences, record companies, critics and broadcasters construct notions of what is appropriate, authentic, commercial or ‘true to the music’ in relation to the sound of recordings and sound reinforcement?
  6. What implications do experimental staging and performance practice of the classical repertoire have for notions of the score as ‘text’?
  7. With all the complexities involved in defining Practice-As-Research and Artistic Research, what are the characteristics of a ‘good’ research output in this area?
  8. Are there disciplines or subject areas in which Practice-As-Research and Artistic Research are qualitatively different from other areas?
  9. What should REF 2020 designers and panels do about creating a more level playing field between Practice-As-Research and more traditional forms of research output?

There will be no registration fees and online participants and presenters do not have to attend the conference in person. The presentation will be put on the conference website and you will need to be available to respond to comments and questions online in the week following (1st – 7th Feb 2016).

Please submit a 300 word abstract for peer review by 23rd Dec. 2015 to [email protected]

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