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Hip-Hop Archives: The Politics and Poetics of Knowledge Production

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Edited by Mark V. Campbell (Ryerson University)
Murray Forman (Northeastern University)

As editors of this book, we seek contributions that critically address hip-hop archives (both digital and physical) and the processes of archivization, encompassing theoretical and analytical perspectives and exploring globally dispersed cases. We particularly welcome contributions from individuals who are in some way actively engaged in the development or operation of hip-hop archives in any medium and at any stage or scale, whether independent collections or institutionally supported enterprises. We also value the various ways in which hip-hop culture is engaged from historical and material perspectives, allowing for examination of the archive as a historical apparatus as well as a contemporary physical assemblage of artifacts.

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II Conference AVAMUS – XV AVAMUS Working Days of Musicology

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“The Mediterranean: Migrant Sounds”
AVAMUS (Associació Valenciana de Musicologia)
23-26 July, 2019
“La Nau” Cultural Space
2 University Street- Valencia (Spain) – Apt. 46003

The International Conference «The Mediterranean: Migrant Sounds», is the second of this type organized by AVAMUS and is proposed as a continuation of the International Conference «La Música en la Mediterrània Occidental: red de comunicación intercultural» (The Music in the Western Mediterranean: intercultural communication network), which took place in July 2014. This conference is interdisciplinary in its outlook, bringing together the many disciplines that examine the history and effect of music and sound, and which also interact with other approaches from the humanities and social sciences, for example art, literature, anthropology and sociology. Thus, the social and ethical dimensions are tackled both historically and synchronously, seeking out a history of movement that allows us to better understand our shared history.

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Exploring Gender Dynamics in the Music Industry

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May 17-18, 2019
University of Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands

The Department of Arts, Culture and Media in connection with the research project Exploring Gender Barriers in the (Dutch) Music Industry funded by the NWO KIEM (Creative Industry – Knowledge Innovation Mapping) at the University of Groningen is pleased to announce a two-day symposium to be held on May 17-18, 2019. The symposium will bring together both scholars and industry professionals to share insights on the topic of Gender Dynamics in the Music Industry. The intention is to share resources and create a dialogue to better address the lack of gender parity within the music industry. Further, we seek to extend to discussion to fields connected to, but not exclusive to the (relatively better researched) performance sphere. We welcome scholars and industry professionals from all genders and from all genres of music from classical to folk and popular.

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Symposium: Music, cities and popular memory: a “very messy cultural archive”?

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10-5pm, Friday 29th March 2019 : Solent Spark (TS414), Southampton

Solent Music | So:Music City | Culture, Media, Place @ Solent

The relationship between popular music, cultural memory and the city is currently experiencing renewed attention, both in research and in practice. We invite researchers across the humanities and social sciences to share knowledge, methods and case studies that shed light on their intertwined histories.

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Lit-Rock: Literary Capital in Popular Music

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Call for Chapter Proposals
Book Title: Lit-Rock: Literary Capital in Popular Music
Editor: J. Ryan Hibbett, Northern Illinois University
Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic
Submission Deadline: May 1, 2019

This edited collection will explore, across diverse genres of popular music and toward a rich analysis of cultural exchange, the uses of literature and literary practices. Such uses may include literary allusion, the adoption of recognized literary techniques, the adaptation of literary content, the cultivation of poetic personae, or any other use in which the literary makes itself visible and functions as a distinguishing form of capital. When, where, how, and why—this book will ask—does popular music negotiate itself as something “other”? When and how do pop stars present their works as art, and to what extent are they granted or denied the prestige associated with high art traditions? How do listeners negotiate their identities as undiscerning fans/consumers with their roles as discriminating connoisseurs? And, finally, how do artists and fans navigate the contradiction of popularity as external validation and, as is often simultaneously the case, aesthetic inferiority? Amidst such questions, and made timely by Bob Dylan’s (awkwardly received) Nobel Prize and Kendrick Lamar’s Pulitzer, this study will 1) reveal the use of literary signs, logics, and practices as a phenomenon visible in various ways across the entire pop spectrum, rather than as the exclusive product of an isolated, elite genre within popular music; 2) make apparent literature’s dependency—for meaning, validation, perseverance—on practices often viewed as peripheral; and 3) rethink literature and rock music not as competing representatives of high and low culture, but as an interdependent system mutually invested in, and endlessly regenerating, the high/pop distinction itself.

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