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Dancecult Conference 2021

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We are delighted to announce the call for proposals for Dancecult’s inaugural conference on the theme of ‘Reconnecting Global Dance Cultures’, to be held online on the 16th and 17th September 2021. From dancehall to raving, club cultures to sound systems, disco to techno, breakbeat to psytrance, hip hop to dubstep, IDM to noisecore, nortec to bloghouse, global EDMCs have all been affected by recent events. As we move out of the pandemic into yet another moment of global uncertainty, we seek to capture the experiences of our communities as we now look ahead to a new era for dance culture. What effect has the pandemic had on these formations? What lies ahead for clubs and festivals and how can they prepare for future disruptions? How have producers and clubbers adapted during the enforced digital migration? How can the industry and producers take advantage of these current paradigms and foster new connections with fans and between communities?

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All the Things You Are: Popular Music and Material Culture

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31st Annual Conference of the German Society for Popular Music Studies GfPM in cooperation with the Dept. of Art and Material Culture, TU Dortmund University
22 – 24 October, 2021

The material side of culture plays a crucial role for human acting and thinking; culture cannot be con- ceived of without the involvement of things. People permanently materialize their concepts about the world surrounding them, their Lebenswelt, and they (re-)form and (re-)arrange them in a con- stant process. The material and the immaterial, reification and idea mingle and form a constellation which is compatible with both sides. Things, be they prominent or commonplace, are constantly be- ing invented, used and are object to signification; their multi-faceted compatibility is revealed in eve- ryday practice.

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Taylor Swift: Eras, Narrative, Digital Media and Music

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Deadline for proposals (250 words): 11:59pm EST  March 31, 2021
Selection notification by April 15, 2021
Proposed date: July 17, 2021

On February 11, 2021, pop star Taylor Swift announced the anticipated re-release of her 2008 album Fearless, a project launched following the contentious and public battle between Swift and her former label Big Machine Records. While specific and noteworthy in its particulars, this release also comprises one in a long series of re-visiting and re-versioning of the star’s life and output by Swift, the media, her fans, and her detractors. Listening to Swift’s releases as artifacts of the current digital age, this study day seeks to position Swift as a prism through which to examine intersecting issues in contemporary music industries and media ecosystems, from copyright and pandemic creation, to multimedia star texts and digital fan practices.

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Historical Traces of European Radio Archives, 1930-1960

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Dates: 28-29 October 2021
Location: University of Amsterdam and/or online
Organisers: Carolyn Birdsall, Corinna R. Kaiser and Erica Harrison
Contact: [email protected]
Abstracts: 15 April 2021, no more than 300 words plus short biography
Acceptance: 01 May 2021
Papers: 01 September 2021, position papers (2000-4500 words)

Bringing critical perspectives to bear on radio archives is the main departure point for this international workshop, which explores broadcasting, archives and the historical data they have co-produced. This two-day workshop brings together interdisciplinary perspectives from scholars and practitioners invested in theoretically-informed, connective histories about radio archives. It takes up a historical-geographical focus on radio archival collections in Europe that were affected by war and political transformations between 1930 and 1960, including case studies for Axis, as well as Allied, countries during and after World War II.

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Information Overload? Music Studies in the Age of Abundance

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8-10 September 2021, University of Birmingham

Keynote Speakers:

Robin James (University of North Carolina at Charlotte)
Nick Seaver (Tufts University)
More speakers TBA

For those investigating any musical activity after about 1994, the main sources of research data will not be print archives or discrete media—they will be World Wide Web media. The Internet Archive, the web’s library, today holds over 525 billion archived web pages, while API and post-API archiving initiatives make social web platforms accessible as research databases. At first glance, no other archive is more inclusive in terms of whose voices it represents, and none more comprehensive in terms of the insights it provides into the thoughts, desires and musical tastes of ordinary people. To paraphrase the web historian Ian Milligan, whose recent book provides the title and framing for this conference, we might suggest that in its scale, granularity and plurality, the web represents the music historian’s dream.

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