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Call for Chapters for Edited Collection on Psychedelic Music

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This edited collection aims to bring together academic work on all kinds of psychedelic music, whether rock, folk, electronic or pop and would make an important contribution to an emerging field. For the purpose of this collection psychedelic music is conceptualized broadly: it can be music that imparts feelings of disorientation, temporal distortion, sensory overload or shift in perceptual frame, similar to those experienced with the use of psychoactive substances; music composed for the specific purpose of facilitating altered states; it can also be any music which accompanies and complements psychoactive substance use, whether widely considered psychedelic, or not.

Chapter proposals are welcome from researchers in any field; topics of interest may include:

  •    Psychedelic music (of any genre) and the psychedelic experience
  •  Psychoactive substances and their entanglement with musical genres
  •    Altered states (whether reached by psychoactive substances or other means) and psychedelic music and/or sound
  •    Electronic dance music and psychedelic experience
  •    Contemporary folk music or non-Western music and altered/psychedelic states
  •    The embodied experience of psychedelic music
  •    Music festivals and the psychedelic experience
  •    Psychedelic substances and the composition, perception and/or appreciation of music
  •    Music cultures and the prohibition of psychoactive substances
  •    New methodologies/directions in the research of psychedelic music
  •    Other related topics: this is not a definitive list.

If you would like to contribute, please send a chapter proposal of around 300 words accompanied by a short bio, to [email protected] by 24th of January 2020. Please indicate the basic structure and features of the chapter (e.g., introduction, argument summary, case studies, etc.). Authors of accepted proposals will be notified by 28th February 2020. A proposal will be made to the Ashgate Popular and Folk Music Series and if successful, full chapter drafts of 6000-8000 words will be due by 30 September 2020.

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